Armpit Hair, weird fashion trends, granny panties, rompers

Weird Fashion Trends I Don’t Understand

I know I’m not one to be “in the know” about the latest fashion trends. Hell, I still wear things from freshman year of college sometimes. However, I do know right from wrong, and these trends are just…no. And I know other women will agree with me here.

Since I’m tapering for the Georgia Jewel 50 this Saturday and am particularly irritable, let’s have a bit of a bitch-fest about weird fashion trends:

Armpit hair—Here’s a real head-scratcher. I get that “crunchy” is in. Reese Witherspoon didn’t shave in Wild, and neither do I when I’m backpacking. But not shaving as an everyday conscious decision? Mm nope. To me this screams more “Trend!” than “Fuck you, boys!” But if you really are adopting the au naturel look, do you not shave your legs and pubes, cut your hair, or brush your teeth? Where’s the line?

Armpit Hair, weird fashion trends, granny panties, rompers
To be fair, the shadows and my day-old stubble make me look rather…fashionable here

Rosé wine—Now, I am not a wine aficionado by any means. My poisons of choice include whiskey and craft beer. So I somehow missed this pink wine trend that is clogging the aisles of Whole Foods and taking over Target endcaps. Isn’t rosé wine for 21-year-old’s who don’t yet know how to pair wine and food? Someone enlighten me here…

Armpit Hair, weird fashion trends, granny panties, rompers
GTFO of my Whole Foods produce aisle, girly wine!

Granny panties—The New York Times wrote about this trend a while back, instantly making it legit. But not understandable. Thongs serve a purpose other than to woo men—they’re comfortable and eliminate panty lines. I am all about some cute boy shorts, but “period panties?” No. They also pair well with high-waisted pants, which leads me to…

Armpit Hair, weird fashion trends, granny panties, rompers
I’ll give you points for having your butt in the NYT though, ladies!

High-waisted mom jeans, rompers, crop tops—How can someone who practically lives in running clothes possibly judge fashion trends? I can’t. But I can be baffled by it! Why have we regressed to hairy toddlers from the 70s? Cut that shit out, y’all look stupid.

Armpit Hair, weird fashion trends, granny panties, rompers
You too can look like a flowery baby from Urban Outfitters

What new trends get your goat? Or, if you’re trendy, please tell me what the hell is going on here! 


  • Yo Momma Runs

    I’m just happy that higher waisted pants are coming back because my butt crack was getting too much air with the low-waisted business. Not too high waisted, like mom jeans, but just a normal waist line serves a lot of purposes. One being to keep things straight/covered in the back. And I want so bad for skinny jeans to look good one me, but to quote my friend, they make you look like a really short gymnast. Which I think was a nice way of her saying, get the freak out of those pants. But I still try them sometimes just in case.

    • Tanya

      Ha! Heard that about skinny jeans. Sometimes they fit me somewhat ok and I can hide them with a pair of boots, but most times my calves or thighs don’t even fit!

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