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    The Exodus from the Road to the Trails

    I’ve noticed a recent phenomenon that I feel compelled to address, because it’s a topic near and dear to my heart. And because I have an opinion about everything. But it may sound like I’m being an elitist bitch (if the running shoe fits…), so I brought my Colorado-based ultra running superstar runabler, Heidi, into the fray for a slightly different perspective. Warning: we’re both talkers – snag some coffee before settling in! There appears to be a mass exodus from the roads to the trails. More importantly, there seems to be a significant increase in the number of runners wanting to do ultra marathons. Which is great! There is always room…

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    Twers on the Town and the Alabama Auto Show

    Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m. waiting for my baby birthday-stealer to arrive from Jersey, and I am pumped! I have an exciting and terrifying and exhausting and fun-filled weekend ahead—I’ll be doing the Run for Kids 12-Hour Challenge (my longest race ever!) (sponsor me here!) tomorrow, which is why my sister and her boyfriend drove all the way here. Which obviously means we need to see and do and eat and drink ALL THE THINGS while they’re in town! Natalie and I planned each meal down to the last detail weeks and weeks ago, because, food. This afternoon we’ll be playing at the Alabama Auto Show with B-Metro and the…

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    Help Me Run for Kids (For 12 Hours)!

    Well friends, I have decided to make my trail race comeback in the coolest way possible—next Saturday I’m doing the Run for Kids 12-hour Challenge and raising money for children with cancer to go to camp. Why is this race so special, you ask? David and Mary Jo Tosch of Southeastern Trail Series donate 100% of proceeds to Camp Smile-A-Mile—an organization that provides year-round camp services for kids with cancer, their families and siblings, and cancer survivors. Tosch started Run for Kids in 2011, basing it off the popular Ride of Love. Every year since then, Run for Kids has grown and donated more money—last year they raised over $8,000! Y’all. I…

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    Hotter N’ Hell 2014 Race Recap

    I ran a trail race last month that was absolutely incredible, until it wasn’t. Here’s the recap: Since I started building my mileage back up from my damn groin injury, my goal was to be healthy enough to run the 18-mile loop of Hotter N’ Hell. In my mind, if I could make it out of that race alive and well, then I’d be set for a fall full of ultras. And I had nailed the training! My mileage was right on track, I had zero pain, and I was mentally ready to tackle the hills and relentless heat and humidity. As always, I got to Oak Mountain early so…

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    Tranquility Lake 50K Race Recap

    It’s been three weeks since I ran the Tranquility Lake 50K, so I guess it’s about time for a recap. I’m always late on recaps; has anyone else noticed? Oh well—better late than never. Tranquility was my second 50K (not counting my 30-mile jaunt at Pinhoti), and I loved it. The entire race reaffirmed my passion for ultra running. I was so happy. Like, giddy-the-entire-race happy. There were times when I wanted to just sit down and enjoy the fading fall colors and crisp weather, and then I’d remember it was a race and I had to run. There were leaves falling and hitting my face—is that not storybook-perfect? Sigh. Totally unlike…

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    BTC Free Race Recap – Or The Time I Almost Won

    The first weekend of September, I ran a free trail race hosted by the Birmingham Track Club and Southeastern Trail Runs. And since I usually do race reports, I’ll go back and give this one a quick rundown. The hubs and I had gotten back from Jersey at about 3 a.m. the night before, and I was at Oak Mountain helping set up by 6:30 a.m. You do the math there. I didn’t have any goals or expectations for the race because of my lack of sleep and sufficient food or fluids the day before. I planned to hang mid-pack, take pictures, and enjoy the run. Instead, when the 4-mile…