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    2016 Shenanigans (So Far)

    Buenos dias, amigos! Remember that thing I sometimes do but haven’t mentioned in ages called trail running? Yeah—I still do that. A lot, actually. And I’m going to use this week to play catch-up on everything that’s happened in my running world over the past few months. Not because I think you care, but because I want to show this to my offspring and say, “Look how cool I was back in the day!” And they’ll roll their eyes and go, “We get it, The Mom,” as they fetch me my water because my legs are too tired to function. Yes, The Mom. Like The Dude. “Mom” is so…boring. I digress. February—Way…

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    My Bloody Valentine

    If yesterday’s blog post piqued your curiosity, welcome back! Here is the real story of my Mercedes (Ultra) Marathon. The race I will never forget, even when the 30 miles fade from memory and my medal loses its luster. Men and squeamish women who like to pretend that periods don’t exist, this is your one-minute warning to vacate the premises. X-out now. Now. …Now. Are you still here? I’m telling you, I’m not holding back with my descriptions. Get out. The remainder of the post contains a whole lot of this: Ok, you’ve been fairly warned. I am no longer responsible for any projectile vomiting that occurs. Since I have previously…

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    Mercedes (Ultra) Marathon Race Recap

    I have been struggling to write a recap for the Mercedes Marathon, because this race was unlike any other I have run. When people have asked how it went, I’ve just stared blankly and said, “Uh, interesting?” What I’m going to do is divide my experience into two posts to make this easier on us all—The Race and The Incident. Today, you can read about how I turned Mercedes into a 30-mile training run. Tomorrow, if you make it through my disclaimers, you can read about The Incident. Darnell and I signed up for the Mercedes Marathon with the intention of using it as a very long training run to…

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    The View from the Back of the Pack – Mercedes Marathon Recap

    This will be a different type of race report than the one I had originally planned to write. This is more of a rant-y one, a call-to-action. You’ve been warned. The hubs and I ran the Mercedes Marathon this past weekend. This was my fourth year running it, and it is such a good race. Home turf, well-organized, full of friends, impressive medal and after party. Originally, I was going to pace the hubs to a PR. But he had been battling bilateral Achilles tendonitis for a few weeks, and his ankles were obviously hurting. So my plan shifted to keeping him relatively uninjured and upright as he crossed the finish line. Because of…

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    Mercedes Marathon Race Recap

    So you can’t really recap a race that you didn’t finish or technically start, but I’ll keep the name for consistency’s sake. Here’s my Mercedes Marathon in a nutshell—I was dead-set on pacing the hubs in his first marathon and thought that going from 0 miles to 26.2 with a bum hip/groin was a fantastic idea. Right. I ran, it hurt, I cried, and stopped at 13.1. The rest of the morning was spent cheering on friends, drinking beer and high-fiving runners at the BUTS aid station, going absolutely crazy when the hubs crossed the finish line, hobbling home, sleeping, and eating my feeling with Thai food. Oh well—there will…

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    Birmingham—I Run This Town

    I have wanted to write this post for a long time now. Ever since I moved to Birmingham and ran downtown for the first time, I’ve had a certain affection for this tired and worn down, yet blossoming city. And it’s my favorite place to run. Don’t get me wrong—it’s not that I don’t like running through the perfect neighborhoods of Homewood and Mountain Brook. They’re just so…boring. Houses, trees, car-dodging—they’re Anywhere, USA. Running downtown is an adventure, an opportunity to appreciate Birmingham and its grungy beauty. In a span of 13 miles you can get from one side of the city to the other, running past old and new, soaking in…