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    What is Cosplay? My Weekend at Scarefest

    OK, so I’m skipping an entire month’s worth of events, but I just have to share my weekend experiences with the world. And it’s Monday, so everyone needs a laugh or two. If you follow any of my social media accounts, you probably were like, “What in the hell have you been up to, Tanya?” when your feeds starting blowing up with pictures of ghoulish creatures and Sally selfies. My company also happens to publish ghost hunting books (shameless plug—check us out!) and attends horror conventions. When I first heard this, I could not volunteer fast enough to be the one to attend. So my coworker Liliane and I packed our…

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    All Things Fall

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Fall! Are you properly celebrating? Because I am. I spend every day from September to December in a state of sheer bliss, clutching my chai or pumpkin coffee in one hand and a horror novel in the other. Even though I live in the Deep South where summer is known to stretch until Thanksgiving, fall is officially here in my head come September 1st when I start reading Stephen King again (always purchased, always used and tattered to shreds) and pull my sweaters out from under the bed. I actually love the part of fall that’s happening right this very moment—when it’s…