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    My Bloody Valentine

    If yesterday’s blog post piqued your curiosity, welcome back! Here is the real story of my Mercedes (Ultra) Marathon. The race I will never forget, even when the 30 miles fade from memory and my medal loses its luster. Men and squeamish women who like to pretend that periods don’t exist, this is your one-minute warning to vacate the premises. X-out now. Now. …Now. Are you still here? I’m telling you, I’m not holding back with my descriptions. Get out. The remainder of the post contains a whole lot of this: Ok, you’ve been fairly warned. I am no longer responsible for any projectile vomiting that occurs. Since I have previously…

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    What Is a Diva Cup and Why You Need One

    Alright girls, grab a drink, gather round, and let’s talk Diva Cups. This is the time to ask every question you ever wanted to ask but were too nervous to ask. Don’t be shy, we’re all friends here. My friend and blogging idea-bouncer-offer Rachel told me to password protect this post with “vaginal discharge,” because what guy would actually want to type that in? But I figured that was too much effort on my part. After all, this post doesn’t faze me one bit. It’s you I’m worried about. Fellas, consider this your one and only warning. See the X in the top right corner of your screen? Click it now. Now. …now.…