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    The Story of the Strawberry Pretzel Salad

    Y’all. I learned an important lesson this weekend. Don’t judge food by its description. A few weeks ago, my blogging/running friend Rachel posted a picture of this strawberry goop on Instagram. So I asked about it. She called it a strawberry pretzel salad. And the more she explained, the more turned off I was. Turned off, yet very intrigued. As a food lover, I feel that it’s only fair that I try everything at least once before I pass final judgement. Apparently, this is popular in Alabama. It has pretzels baked in butter or something, cream cheese, whipped cream, strawberries, jello, and God knows what else. Basically, all the cream and…

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    Memorial Day 12-Miler Race Recap

    What’s this? A timely race report? Give this girl a gold star! On Saturday I ran the Southeastern Trail Series Memorial Day 12 miler at Oak Mountain and had an absolute blast! Remember how much fun I had at the Chicago Marathon? This was its trail equivalent. It was a three hour-long runner’s high (or actual high—there were some Dave Matthews fans hidden somewhere along the course still enjoying themselves). Keeping with this theme for a sec, let me tell y’all about the most memorable part of the race. I met Chris Turner on the course (hey buddy!) and he was wearing a kilt. A kilt. A man-skirt. So naturally, I thought…

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    How To Take Running Selfies

    Yesterday morning my running/blogging/Resolute Running/Fitfluential/fellow dirty girl Rachel and I tried to master the art of taking a selfie while running. She ran a half marathon last weekend with Coach Alex, who tried to take a running selfie of the two of them—and failed miserably. So naturally, we decided to show him up. We met up at Statue 2 Statue—a gruelingly hilly 15K race from Vulcan to the Statue of Liberty (second tallest after Her Majesty). Some BUTS came off the trails to play with the road folks. But, being ultra runners, they decided to run it twice and turn it into S2S2S, a la Rim2Rim2Rim. Since I’m still building mileage back slowly…

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    Working Out with The North Face and Dean Karnazes

    A few weeks ago I got my ass handed to me when The North Face Mountain Athletics training program came to town. The Mountain Athletics series was designed to help endurance athletes with their overall performance. You know, cross training. To make you stronger and faster. The very thing I always neglect to do. Since Dean Karnazes is a North Face athlete, he came along to stand around, look pretty, and talk about the importance of full-body workouts. I signed up for the running clinic thinking that we’d chat about ultrarunning and endurance and do sprints and whatnot. Instead, we combined classes with the peak bagging/mountain climbing group and did a series…

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    Putting My Fitness To The Test

    Last week I headed over to Inspire Fitness to get a fitness assessment from my friend Kelly. I’ve written about my love for Inspire and their classes before—they’re a boutique spin and fitness gym right in the heart of the ‘Ham. Kelly had mentioned on Facebook that she had taken the assessment herself and the results had surprised her, so I wanted to give it a whirl too. You know, am I really fit, or it is just an illusion. The test was made up of five parts—a step test, a push-up test, a partial curl-up test, a flexibility test, and a balance test. That’s a lot of tests to pass.…