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    Anatomy of a DNF – Lake Martin 50 Race Recap

    Why am I so bad at race reports? Why don’t I just admit that they’re the worst to write and just abandon them? Because my Type A personality won’t let them go, dammit! So I’ll continue to be a slave to my blog. This Lake Martin 50 race report will be a stream-of-consciousness post, so roll with me here. My old race report is much more useful. Lake Martin 100/50/27 is a fantastic race. If you’ve considered running it but haven’t yet, do it! The course is a pleasant mix of rolling (read: hilly) single track and red clay jeep roads. It’s scenic and not technical and the perfect place to…

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    Resolution Run Recap – Darnell’s First Trail Race

    When I’m in town over the holidays, I always do the Resolution Run. What better way to start the new year than with Red Mountain dirt all over your calves and shoes? I’ve been running it since their first year when the park wasn’t even officially open and the trails were just muddy indications of what was to come. The Resolution Run was a fun morning on the trails for me. I ran a 20k feeling decent despite nursing a cold, then turned around and ran 10 more miles the next day. My body is officially ready for the 2016 racing season! But this race wasn’t about me. My running…

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    Pinhoti 100 Race Recap

    After a slight delay, here it is—my Pinhoti 100 race recap. I honestly struggled to write this one, and not just because I’ve been flying high on painkillers from my wisdom teeth removal. How do you put one of the best days of your life into words? How do you string enough coherent thoughts together to make people understand even a tiny fraction of what you felt? I tried to write many times after the race, and all I came up with was “AHHHHHHHHHH!” For those of you short on time (or attention span), here’s the gist of it: 100 miles. 28.5 hours. 28k ft. elevation change. Rain. Mud. Cold.…

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    Hotter N’ Hell 2014 Race Recap

    I ran a trail race last month that was absolutely incredible, until it wasn’t. Here’s the recap: Since I started building my mileage back up from my damn groin injury, my goal was to be healthy enough to run the 18-mile loop of Hotter N’ Hell. In my mind, if I could make it out of that race alive and well, then I’d be set for a fall full of ultras. And I had nailed the training! My mileage was right on track, I had zero pain, and I was mentally ready to tackle the hills and relentless heat and humidity. As always, I got to Oak Mountain early so…

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    Memorial Day 12-Miler Race Recap

    What’s this? A timely race report? Give this girl a gold star! On Saturday I ran the Southeastern Trail Series Memorial Day 12 miler at Oak Mountain and had an absolute blast! Remember how much fun I had at the Chicago Marathon? This was its trail equivalent. It was a three hour-long runner’s high (or actual high—there were some Dave Matthews fans hidden somewhere along the course still enjoying themselves). Keeping with this theme for a sec, let me tell y’all about the most memorable part of the race. I met Chris Turner on the course (hey buddy!) and he was wearing a kilt. A kilt. A man-skirt. So naturally, I thought…

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    Ruffner Mountain Trail Running Festival Recap

    This past Saturday I ran a 15K at the Ruffner Mountain Running Festival—my first race since my Mississippi 50 mishap. The Ruffner Mountain Running Festival, sponsored by Alabama Outdoors and Resolute Running Training Center, is a laid-back, no-frills trail race. I’m talking fewer than 100 runners (no conga lines!), no bibs, and an index card finisher system. Perfect for a comeback race. Or a big trail run with friends that happened to be a race. My only goal was to run the distance—slowly—and have a good, pain-free time. Why not dust the cobwebs off my thighs and race, you ask? Slow runs are less likely to piss off my groin, and…