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Planning the See Tanya Run 50K

Woohoo! This is the week of the See Tanya Run 50K (#STR50K)!

Oh, did you notice that I added a K to my distance? I had initially planned for this to be a 50-miler, but I decided on a whim on Friday to register for the Mississippi 50 trail race on March 1st. Yikes. I figure it’s best to not run my two longest distances a month apart, so I’ll save my legs for the race and run a measly 31+ miles instead this weekend. While I’m kind of sad to not cross this off my list of goals just yet, I need to run at least one 50K before March, so I might as well make this happen. It’s free, it starts at my front door, and I’ll have good company.

My plan is to still run my original route through the parks and downtown, only cut out Red Mountain and reverse it. Did anyone else just start singing Missy Elliott in their head? Only me? OK. My thinking is that by starting on road and ending on trail, I’ll be able to keep a good pace at the beginning, better guess what time I’ll get to each “aid station,” and give my tired legs hell at the end of the run. Plus, I can leave my headlamp at home and actually enjoy the views from the trails in sunlight. A totally foreign concept to this pre-dawn runner.

ultra running, 50K training, foam rolling, Birmingham, trail running, Ruffner Mountain, JCC, #STR50K, See Tanya Run 50K
Come on, you know you want to run with me

This hasn’t been as easy to plan as I expected. Not because I’d be hurting for miles around the ‘Ham—I easily mapped out 50 without running the same road twice. But I’m struggling to predict the exact times I’ll get to each “aid station” so that runners can meet me if they’d like. My Type A-ness wants it all planned down to the last second, but obviously that isn’t possible. Hmph. Plus, I suck at time management. That gene must have skipped over me. I always tend to overestimate the amount of time I need to do things, like run a certain distance. So I’ll do my best to set times and stick with them, and if people come along, great. But if not, I’ll have music and my thoughts to keep me entertained.

ultra running, 50K training, foam rolling, Birmingham, trail running, Ruffner Mountain, JCC
There’s been a whole lot of this going on when I’m not pounding the pavement

Basically, this is a self-supported long run. Piece of cake. So if you live around town and need a long run or recovery run yourself, come join the fun! Bonus points if you bring cake.


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