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Repercussions of Not Running

It’s been almost six weeks since I’ve run consistently (or at all, save for the Mercedes Marathon and the Mississippi 50), and I’ve been slowly losing my mind. Have you seen the meme that goes, “Running: cheaper than therapy”? Yea, that’s pretty accurate in my case. Running has become my drug, and I need it to stay sane.

In addition to my faltering mental health, did you know that not running causes:

Later nights—All the stars aligned when I got injured—Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Jimmy Fallon all appeared on Netflix and Hulu Plus. Goodbye early bedtimes.

hip injury, running injury, ultra runner
New season, BITCH

Lazier mornings—What? No 3:30 a.m. alarm? Then let me sleep until I’ll be late for work! And Long Run Saturdays have been replaced with Sylvan Saturdays—sleeping in and eating lots.

hip injury, running injury, ultra runner
Chef Zack’s new Saturday morning creations

Stronger arms—Not running has made me remember that I have body parts other than my legs. So hello again push ups, tricep dips, chin ups, and sexy summer tank top muscles.

hip injury, running injury, ultra runner
Seeing some improvement from last month – pretty soon I’ll start charging people to go to the gun show

Tighter clothes—Apparently you burn a lot of calories when you run 50+ miles a week regularly. And when you don’t run said miles and don’t change your eating habits, you grow a food baby.

hip injury, running injury, ultra runner
“Tanya! How far along are you?” “I ate a sandwich.”

Less water—I don’t notice if I’m dehydrated anymore since I don’t need to drink like a camel, which means that I can go for days only drinking 20 oz. of water. Hence all the new migraines and stomach issues.

hip injury, running injury, ultra runner
I used to obediently drink four of these a day

More snacking—Bored eating is a thing. I’ve experienced it firsthand.

hip injury, running injury, ultra runner
My current weakness

Going on trips—Last weekend the hubs and I ventured to Atlanta for the day. No guilt was felt about missing a Saturday long run, until we bumped into my friends who were running. We were in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru.

hip injury, running injury, ultra runner
Sunset in Piedmont Park. Also a great place to run.

Going crazy—I swear I’ve been less focused, more ADD-prone, and moodier. I’m sure others would agree.

hip injury, running injury, ultra runner
Confession – I love politically incorrect jokes. I laugh until I cry. Judge all you want, I can’t help myself.

I’m going back to the doctor in a few days to see if he could figure out what’s really wrong, before I get committed to the looney bin. Have you ever been sidelined with an injury? Any suggestions on what to do to keep your cool?


  • Courtney @ Don't Blink. Just Run.

    You know I completely understand! After I got scolded by the chiro at my appt on Monday night I haven’t done anything and it’s driving me mad. I do get wicked moody, too. I hope they can figure out exactly what the issue is for you. Mine just told me my hip is bursitis AND tendinitis and basically all this training I’m doing – to stop it. She’s so funny.

  • Tim

    I feel your non-running pain! I get twitchy when I leave it a couple of days without a run, so can only imagine how you’re doing. I’ve been out with a calf problem for weeks on end before and it is a killer. Like you, I had to do some exercise, so worked hard on my core…but it just isn’t the same! Can you swim maybe, or cycle? Or are your injuries just too bad for that?

    • Tanya

      I can definitely do other workouts, I just got lazy and grumpy and chose to sit and eat instead. Swimming would be great, and I love spin classes! I just dug my bike out of storage, so I’m going to start biking in the mornings instead…

    • Tanya

      It is Newman’s Own, but I think the Medium? Black bean and corn sounds delicious – I wouldn’t share that shit either! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

  • Emily Roberson McCoy

    Biking! Biking! Biking! It saved me during my knee bone bruise incident in October/November. Spin classes are great for keeping up your VO2 max, and staying in a high gear on hills on your road bike is a great way to maximize an outdoor cycling workout. If you want to track mileage, I recommend Strava.

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