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Since it’s Valentine’s Day and everyone is spewing love and hearts and glitter, I decided to join in on the fun. I love my Zack. He knows it, I know it, our followers on social media know it. So sorry darling, this post isn’t for you.

Here are some things I am loving at the moment:

Justin's Nut Butter, fuel, 50k training, running, trail running
You’ll never have Gu again

Justin’s Nut Butter The only fuel I have been using on long runs since I started training for my 50k. Delicious.

Lululemon, chevron tank, New Jersey Marathon
Doesn’t this just scream sub-4 marathon?

Chevron Lululemon Tank It’s cute and beach-y and perfect for the NJ Marathon in May

Essie nail polish, A Shore Thing, Figi
Can this be summer’s new Figi?

Essie A Shore Thing What my nails will be wearing for the NJ Marathon—the name sealed the deal

statement necklace, fashion
Love this look
statement necklace
And this one

Turquoise statement necklace Eye-catching and they match the Essie nail polish

EarthFare, organic, all natural
80% of our groceries come from here

EarthFare Ob.sessed with their branding, emails, coupons, and products

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day, photos
Every Valentine picture ever.


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