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Post-Travel Laziness and Randomness

Man, does anyone else struggle after coming back from a lot of traveling? I spent a week in Minneapolis, turned right around and had a 10-day mountain vacation, and I am worn the fuck out! I don’t know if I should blame the time change, altitude change, flea infestation we came home to, or sheer exhaustion, but this week I’ve been coming home from work and just want to sit and stare at a wall. Which doesn’t work so well when you have mountains of camping gear and laundry to put away and miles to log.

I also have a gazillion blog posts I need to post. Literally. A gazillion. They’re written, just not typed and smothered in photos yet. And they taunt me. So I’m going to use this post as a little jump start on regular life again. A kick in the ass, if you will. If I can get one post out, it’ll break my lazy spell and make everything seem manageable and easy, right? Right.

So many blog posts, so little motivation
So many blog posts, so little motivation

Here are a bunch of random things I’m loving at the moment:

See Jane Write Bloganista Mini-ConThis weekend I’m going to be a panelist at the Bloganista Mini-Con, a one-day conference for fashion, fitness, and lifestyle bloggers organized by one of my very favorites, Javacia. There are only four tickets left, so if you’re a blogger in the ‘Ham and don’t have Saturday plans yet, join us! 

See Jane Write, Birmingham bloggers
So excited!

“Weird Al” Yankoic’s Word CrimesHave you seen this yet?! This is my JAM! “Weird Al” wrote a song just for grammar nerds like my dad and me, and we have been geeking out about it ever since.

Weird Al Yankovic, Word Crimes
My dad and I are the same person

Pokey the PriusSo in the midst of all the craziness, my Roller Skate (Rav4) found a loving new home and Pokey the Prius joined the Sylvan fam. Laugh all you want, but having a hybrid is the greatest thing ever! She may be slow to accelerate (hence her name) and needed some coaxing up huge mountain passes, but getting 55+ mpg is wonderful when you travel across the country.

Toyota Prius, hybrid car
Pokey is a mountain-lover and tree-hugger

BUTS in the newsI love how big BUTS has grown over the past year. A few weeks ago, Birmingham Magazine reached out to us for a short article and photo shoot, and turned it into a huge spread in their July issue. Watch out ultra world—BUTS is taking over!

Birmingham Ultra Trail Society, BUTS, ultra running, trail running Alabama
Photo by Mary Lou Davis

My body in this photo—It’s summer, the time when most women hate their bodies. But not me. Has there ever been a photo that illustrated “thunder thighs” more accurately? I think not. I mean, do you feel the ground shaking? My legs are 50% muscle, 50% fat, 100% pure awesome.



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