x rays, ultra runner, 50 mile race, Mississippi 50, hip bones
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The Hip Bone’s Connected To The…

So I wrote last week about how I skipped all of my Miami runs for a mysterious groin/hip injury. I also wrote yesterday about how I tried to pace the hubs at the Mercedes Marathon, failed halfway through, and was left walking like a rocking horse—as Zack affectionately calls my limp. Tired of me bitching yet?

All jokes aside, my hip hurt like a motherfucker post-race on Sunday. And I can tolerate pain. It was bad enough for me to drag myself to the doctor first thing Monday morning, where I had x rays taken, my range of motion checked, and my fashionista card revoked. The x rays didn’t show anything, so the doc said it can either be a simple strain or something more serious that an MRI would reveal. I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl—I’ll wait and stretch and massage (scandalous!) and rest and eat my meds like candy in hopes that I can recover in time to run part or all of Mississippi 50 next weekend.

x rays, ultra runner, 50 mile race, Mississippi 50, hip bones
Spring 2014 running shorts – coming to a store near you!

In the meantime, I’ve been learning that hips are an important part of your body. I’ve taken mine for granted for the past 26 years, even chastising them at times for being “round,” “muffin top-y,” or “baby-bearing beauties.” Well, I stand corrected. Hips, I sincerely apologize. I love you and I need you. For what exactly, you ask? Running and walking, of course, but also for some other things I never thought about:

Flushing a public toilet—Until you’ve been trapped in a bathroom stall wearing heels and a dress, unable to lift your leg high enough to flush, you haven’t fully appreciated your hip’s range of motion.

Putting on/taking off pants—Something so simple suddenly becomes either an awkward, teeth-clenching hop or a maneuver on your bed resembling an overturned, dying cockroach.

Climbing into a car—No more seamless motions here—it now goes butt, good leg, bad leg. And climbing up into the hubs’ Xterra is a two-person job.

Sleeping on your side—Think you can escape discomfort in your dreams? Not if you insist on sleeping in the fetal position, like I do.

Dancing—One-legged gimp dancing isn’t sexy—I tried it at the Mercedes Marathon.

x rays, ultra runner, 50 mile race, Mississippi 50, hip bones
Damn you, non-automatic toilet

Do I sound like a cranky old woman yet?


  • Courtney @ Don't Blink. Just Run.

    Ohhhh bummer!! I understand ALL too well about hip pain. My first real “running injury” was a severe hip strain that landed me on crutches for weeks. They thought it was a fracture, had the Xray – clean – had the MRI – clean. That’s when he said it was a strain.

    I hope you heal a lot faster than I did. If not, I will gladly commiserate with you. Crossing fingers for you!

    • Tanya

      Oh yikes! I hope I don’t injure it badly enough attempting the 50 to need crutches, but I decided that if I do, I’m bedazzling them!

      What did you do to heal? Any tips or tricks?

      • Courtney @ Don't Blink. Just Run.

        Well, it took months to be able to run again, but I wasn’t very rigorous about it. If I knew then what I know now, I would have tried much harder I think. I just did the stretches the PT gave me and when I wanted to try doing more, started out with just walks first. The more I walked the better it felt and I was gradually able to run again.

        You’re in much better shape than I am when it happened (I was just doing C25K then) so I bet you can heal way faster!

      • Tanya

        Yikes, that terrifies me 🙁 I’ve been stretching and walking and it feels a little better, but it’s definitely not 100% yet. I have 5 days, I’m a little worried…

  • Al DiMicco

    Really, really, REALLY hate that!!
    Runner me: You can finish Mississippi if you have to crawl!
    PT me: If you don’t treat this properly now, it could be a very long term problem.
    Don’t keep testing it every other day to see if it’s healed! Injuries have to be baked, not microwaved. You’ll get over this, just not as fast as you want. You’re tough and focused, just don’t get stupid

    • Tanya

      Aw, thanks Al! I like the Runner you frame of mind, but I also hear what PT you is saying. I haven’t tried to run a step since Mercedes – I’ve only been stretching and walking. I want to save all my energy and hip strength for this weekend!

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