Happy Birthday, All In Stride!

One year ago today, my little blog was born. With much hesitation I wrote my first post, and then ran to See Jane Write’s fearless leader Javacia to see if I had “done it right.” Like with anything new, at first I felt clumsy and awkward writing. Now, I just post whatever spills out of the crazy depths of my mind. And I’ve grown to love it!

So here’s a look back at some of my (and your, according to my stats) favorite posts from the past year:

Why I Hit The TrailsBecause once upon I time, I had never been on a trail run. Tomorrow, I run 30 miles. For fun.

Ruffner Mountain Trails
This time last year, this flat little jeeptrack both terrified and enticed me

Tale of the Alabama SnowfallBecause SNOW. In ALABAMA.

Alabama snow
Ermahgerd snerw!

The Day I Became an Ultra RunnerI still smile when I think about how awesome that day was. And what a badass I can be. Just sayin’.

Mt. Cheaha 50k, Talladega National Forest, ultra running, trail running, ultra marathon, 50k training, Alabama
Proud runner

Grammar PoliceWelcome to my world.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, grammar nazi
Yes please.
  • Dear Shaun THow can you love and hate someone at the same time?
Insanity, plyometrics, max interval training, dig deeper, P90X,
The pups check to make sure I’m still breathing
  • #SylvanroadtripI need to pinch myself sometimes to remind myself that this all happened, and it was that beautiful.
Garrapada State Park, Monterey, Carmel, California, trail running, hiking
Adam caught my reaction running downhill as a lizard ran across my feet
Birmingham, Avondale Brewery, Avondale Park, Birmingham Track Club, Five Points, Good People Brewing Company, Highland Park, Kelly Ingram Park, Mercedes Marathon, Pepper Place, Railroad Park, Regions Field, Urban Open Space Award, Birmingham Country Club
The streets are always empty early mornings downtown, despite it being a work day
wedding, anniversary, elope, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, hiking, outdoor wedding, Bear Lake
  • WTF is a Thigh GapBecause I will always be associated with women’s inner thighs from now on.
thigh gap, cross training, Pinterest, muscular legs

Here’s to many more years of blogging!


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