Fox & Friends leggings segment, leggings as pants, feminism, Fox & Friends

No Fox & Friends, You Cannot Tell Me What to Wear

I am at a loss for an introduction to this post. Watch this video and hurry on back.

Did your blood pressure just skyrocket? Good. As it should have. Now let’s proceed.

Fox & Friends truly outdid themselves this time. An “esteemed panel of fathers” took it upon themselves to judge whether women should be allowed to wear leggings in public? Really? I’m pretty sure that was just a group of filthy old men getting far too excited about women showing off their “lady parts” on live TV as they paraded around in some sort of perverted fashion show. I’m sorry, and leggings are inappropriate? No.

The real kicker was the comment that the third woman had “earned the right” to wear those purple running tights because she looked good. Excuse me? Earned the right? Any woman of any size or shape can wear whatever she damn well pleases.

Fox & Friends leggings segment, leggings as pants, feminism, Fox & Friends
Their reactions make me want to punch them in the throat

The sad thing is that it was all a big joke to them—everyone was laughing and having a grand old time oogling the women. They didn’t see a thing wrong with this. 

It is 2015, and we are still discussing what women can and can’t wear. I know this comes from Fox & Friends, the scum of the Earth. But this is just disgusting. Not only was that segment degrading to women, but it also sexualized a normal article of clothing and reinforced to men that they have the authority to dictate what women wear.

Fox & Friends leggings segment, leggings as pants, feminism, Fox & Friends
This is no

Things like this trickle down and influence our future generations. Media stories like this teach our young girls that it is their “fault” for being sexual objects and distracting men, and young boys will think that this false sense of “control” over women is normal behavior.

Personally, I’m on the fence about wearing leggings as pants. Are they “inappropriate”? No more so than a short skirt or tight jeans or high heels or basically any article of clothing highlighting any part of your body. Yes, there are some actual leggings that stretch too thin and reveal a bit too much. But that’s a fashion faux pas, not something to be berated on national television.

As a runner, I don’t bat an eye at wearing running tights or capris out in public. Hell, I’m wearing running tights as we speak. With boots. And a shirt that doesn’t cover my entire butt, as a matter of fact.

Fox & Friends leggings segment, leggings as pants, feminism, Fox & Friends
Come at me, bro

Women—wear whatever makes you feel confident. Leggings, skirts, saris, jeans, burkas, tights, whatever. If you choose not to wear something, do it because it’s your choice, not because some piece of filth told you it’s not OK. And for the love, let’s make Fox go away forever.


  • Heidi Nicole || run.around.aroo

    This is hilarious. Sadly hilarious. First, the panel is a terrible splice of humanity [Ducky Dynasty?! Are you kidding me?!] and second, their comments are ridiculous. And bullshit. How was the last woman any physically different from the first two? Her clothes weren’t even that different — she was just cheerleader blonde.

    Also, I’ve been wearing almost exclusively leggings for two months, in a similar mashup to what these women were wearing — no one has said boo to me about it and I’ve never felt uncomfortable. These men are degrading morons [and that TN woman should not be getting all this publicity over a silly rant].

    • Tanya

      Yes! You’re spot-on with all of these! The problem isn’t the leggings – it’s the men who stare at the women and sexualize them. Why aren’t shorts frowned upon, then? They leave ZERO to the imagination…

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