Welcome to Dirty Yellow Shorts

Dirty Yellow Shorts

Here it is, y’all! My new written baby. The place my words will reside. Dirty Yellow Shorts! Roll out that blog catwalk, because my shorts and I are ready to strut.our.stuff.

And damn it feels good to be back blogging! To friends and loyal readers who have waited (im)patiently for my posts—thank you for sticking around. You get a gold star. To new friends—hello, I’m Tanya. I run a lot and eat a lot and curse a lot and will likely offend you a lot. #Sorrynotsorry.

“So…what happened to All in Stride, TDawg?” Oh, I obliterated it. I’ve grown a lot over the past eight years that All in Stride existed and I have decided that no, you should not take life all in stride. Fuck that shit. Drop those friends who make you feel icky. Quit the job you hate. Turn the motherfucking world upside down if you have to until things feel right. But whatever you do, promise me this—if something doesn’t feel right, don’t sit back and take it.

“Ok…what’s with these Dirty Yellow Shorts?” If you haven’t put two and two together yet, the blog name comes from my beloved pair of yellow shorts. The ones I raced in that one and got dirty Like, really dirty. Slaughter-a-swine dirty. Final-scene-of-Carrie dirty. So naturally, I chose this stunning visual as my new online persona. You’re welcome.

But I want the new name to make you feel something stronger than bile rising in your throat. I want it to stand for something (hello, giant ego). I want people to know it is OK to screw up and laugh hard at yourself. I want you to run the hard race. Book that solo trip. Do the impossible thing. Make lots of mistakes. Second-guess yourself. Fill blog posts with stupid inspirational clichés. Don’t worry about getting messy or bloody or fucking up. Because at least you’re out there living.

So there you have it. Welcome to my new home.

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