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Confessions of a Dirty Runner

Runners. We’re not the cleanest, prettiest, best-smelling flowers in the bunch. But we’re sure as hell the most fun!

We all have strange quirks that our fellow runners understand and embrace, but would never fly in the real world. Since we’re all friends here, let’s share some of them. I’ll start:

I sing out loud to my music when I run alone

I get satisfaction when the shower water runs black with dirt and mud and blood

dirty runner, running confessions
Why yes, I did splash in that puddle on purpose

I still wear sports bras I bought freshman year of college

I have no shame picking up food I dropped on the ground at an aid station and eating it—dirt is good for you

dirty runner, running confessions
I also eat berries I find on walks downtown

I have been known to blow snot rockets even when I’m not running

I don’t always shave my thighs if I’m in a hurry pre-run

dirty runner, running confessions
We decided that shaving is often overrated

I don’t mind the way that some runners smell, but others make me gag 

I wear my ultra shirts all.the.time. to feel like a badass, even though they hang to my knees

dirty runner, running confessions
My first 50k will always be one of my favorites!

I take pleasure in pulling spiderwebs from my eyelashes

I run to eat (but honestly, who doesn’t?)

dirty runner, running confessions
Who loves orange soda? Tanya loves orange soda!

Alright, your turn! What are some of your dirty runner confessions?


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