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    Sunday Funday Favorites

    Smell that? That’s the first week of October coming ‘atcha, ladies and gentlemen! It’s full of trail races and football games and pumpkins and frights and campfires and adventures. Isn’t it lovely? I just got back from traipsing around some mountains in North Carolina again, because I can’t seem to get enough of that fresh air. So to keep riding this mountain high for a few more hours at least, let me share some things that I’ve been crushing on lately: My tattoo—Say whaaaaat? This girl finally went out and got the tattoo she’s wanted for years. And it’s badass. And it didn’t hurt (I swear on my running shoes.) Garth…

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    Working Out with The North Face and Dean Karnazes

    A few weeks ago I got my ass handed to me when The North Face Mountain Athletics training program came to town. The Mountain Athletics series was designed to help endurance athletes with their overall performance. You know, cross training. To make you stronger and faster. The very thing I always neglect to do. Since Dean Karnazes is a North Face athlete, he came along to stand around, look pretty, and talk about the importance of full-body workouts. I signed up for the running clinic thinking that we’d chat about ultrarunning and endurance and do sprints and whatnot. Instead, we combined classes with the peak bagging/mountain climbing group and did a series…

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    All In Stride Hits Facebook

    Today’s post will be short and sweet—I jumped on the Facebook page bandwagon! This is something that I have been meaning to do for a few months now, so that I can get to know people whom I’ve met via the blog better and post (most of) my running-related nonsense on there instead of on my personal page. So go on, hit Like! Say hi! Tell me that my blog rocks, or sucks. I won’t judge you. Much. For your troubles, here’s a picture of a bad dog:

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    A Home for My Blog – WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

    My blog has felt unsettled lately. I’ve been trying to decide whether I should make the move to WordPress.org and self-host, or keep it here on WordPress.com. Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy where I am—at the moment. WordPress.com is easy to use, has plenty of themes and widgets, and has a great community feel since it’s a social platform in and of itself. I never considered self-hosting when I started my blog, because I didn’t see the purpose at first. After watching my dad and Zack make the shift over to self-hosting, I realized how much control they have over the appearance and SEO of their blogs, but…

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    This is Alabama Football – Life as a Fan

    Once upon a time, I was not a college football fan. Growing up a Jersey girl, I had the option of cheering for the Giants or Jets, or the Eagles if you lived near I-95. Rutgers was the only Division 1 school nearby that people could get even remotely excited about. I went to school there my freshman year of college and they actually had trouble giving tickets away—for free! And then I decided to come to the University of Alabama. The mecca of college football. And my world turned around. People name their first, second, third born and pets after coaches, players and even the team colors. The SEC has won…

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    EnergyBits Product Review

    I was given the opportunity to test EnergyBits over the past few weeks. EnergyBits are little algae tabs that are supposed to increase your endurance as an athlete and provide you with protein and other nutrients and vitamins. I have never heard of algae as being a source of food (except for algae eater fish!), but I learned that it’s used worldwide and has been called “the most nutritionally dense food” by The World Bank and The United Nations. Sounds promising, right? EnergyBits caught my eye on Twitter about a month ago because of their engagement with athletic and fitness communities. Their social team is always present in Twitter chats…