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    The Tale of the Mountain Snobs

    Once upon a time, there was a girl who grew up in the mountains of New York. She loved them, and they were hers. Then one day, she took a trip to Colorado. And the mountains there were majestic. They had snow and peaks that touched the clouds, and they enchanted her. So when her time came to get married, the girl took her boy back to those big, magical mountains in Colorado, where he fell under their spell, too. And enchanted they stayed for many years. Every chance they got, the girl and the boy ventured to those big mountains. They hiked them. Slept in them. Photographed them. And…

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    What is Cosplay? My Weekend at Scarefest

    OK, so I’m skipping an entire month’s worth of events, but I just have to share my weekend experiences with the world. And it’s Monday, so everyone needs a laugh or two. If you follow any of my social media accounts, you probably were like, “What in the hell have you been up to, Tanya?” when your feeds starting blowing up with pictures of ghoulish creatures and Sally selfies. My company also happens to publish ghost hunting books (shameless plug—check us out!) and attends horror conventions. When I first heard this, I could not volunteer fast enough to be the one to attend. So my coworker Liliane and I packed our…

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    My Visit to the Land of 10,000 Lakes

    Minneapolis visit recap—anddd go! I just came back from Minneapolis (my first time!), and had an absolute blast. They call Minnesota “The land of 10,000 lakes,” and they’re not kidding! My first thought as we were landing was COLORS! So much green! And blue! And green! I’m pretty sure a Crayola factory exploded here. The whole purpose of the trip was to attend the National Wellness Convention and learn about the corporate wellness scene. I took pages upon pages of notes work-wise, but here are some takeaways I didn’t report back in my meetings: Goats protect humans from bears It’s possible to be a spiritual gangsta Wellness people don’t do…

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    Eating Minneapolis

    End of June post from when I went to Minnesota for business coming atcha! *flashback music and wave ripples* Well. I successfully ate and drank my way through Minneapolis. And loved every unhealthy, unclean moment of it! I made a conscious decision going into this trip that I would set aside all vegan and clean eating beliefs for the week and just enjoy myself without guilt. Plus, I hadn’t had a chance to try midwestern craft beers, so I had to do my due diligence and see how they stacked up against Birmingham beers. New city, new tastes to explore, right? Kind of a backwards approach at a wellness conference,…

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    Eating My Way Through the Mountains

    Do you know who hikes all day, every day for 9 straight days and gains weight? A glutton. Otherwise known as Tanya. Typically when we travel to a new place, I see it as a challenge to find the absolute best places to eat. No calorie wasted. No silly vegan diet. Every meal gets way too much research poured into it. This time, I left the meal planning to the hubs. Not an easy task for a Type A person like myself. And boy did he knock it out of the park. So sit down, undo the top button of your pants, and get ready for a mountain gastro-adventure: The Road…

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    #Sylvanroadtrip Part 2 – The Mountains

    I think I’m getting the “Worst Blogger of the Month” award—I just couldn’t get my act together to get all these (already written!) posts out. But onward and upward, right? So as promised, here’s the second half of our trip: Grand Teton National Park I love it here. We’ve spent so many weeks in this park over the past few years that it feels like a second home. It’s small enough to not be overwhelming, but large enough to have something new to explore every time we return. Plus, the views! And bison! And moose! And chuck wagon food!  I swear I could live in a tent here forever. Preferably…