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    #VanLife, Here I Come!

    Y’all. I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. I leave this weekend to live in the Teton Sports #YourLead van for a spell. Two weeks of traveling with no makeup or showers, only wearing running clothes, and exploring all the places and meeting all the people? Yes please! Here are the down-and-dirty details. Who Heidi, a Teton Sports ambassador, fellow ultra runner, and all-around badass Teton Sports, the brains behind the #YourLead van trip Wilderness Press, the people behind my paycheck  Sportsman’s Warehouse, the outdoor retailer where we will be holding events  Gear Forward, an organization that collects gently used backpacks and outdoor gear for children in need What The #YourLead…

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    An Outsider’s Perspective of Outdoor Retailer

    I have been to four Outdoor Retailer shows over the past two years, which means I have peppered you with multiple blog posts (read this and this if you’ve missed out) and have inundated you with enough photos to make you question if I actually have a job. I assume you all secretly hate me by now. This past OR, however, was different. This time was special because I got to share my adventures with my sister, Natalie, and friend, Olivia. They are both the type of people who say, “I want to do (insert adventure here)!” and actually follow through with the plan. I can’t say enough about how…

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    Road Trip Essentials

    Hooray for long holiday weekends! If you’re smart, you’ve already planned an exciting trip somewhere. But because the weekend isn’t that long, chances are you’ll be driving. After nine years of traveling and thousands upon thousands of miles logged all over the country (and Canada!), I’d like to consider myself somewhat of an expert roadtripper. I can probably drive to Jersey from Alabama with my eyes closed, and I can navigate unfamiliar mountain roads while singing and eating like a champ. None of which is recommended, by the way, but you catch my drift. Whether you’re going 2 hours or 40 hours, a road trip is so much more enjoyable when you’re prepared. Here…

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    The Trails of Salt Lake City

    I’ve written about my trips to Outdoor Retailer before and what a magical place it is for outdoor lovers. I feel like I’m a kid in a candy store all week with all the colors and sounds and sights and things to eat and new gear to touch. I love every bit of it! However, it does get a bit overwhelming. By lunch on Friday, everyone has that end-of-OR glazed-over look. So it’s equally important to me to be able to spend some time in the mountains and escape all the madness. This time around, I got to spend a good amount of time out of the city and on…

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    What Exactly is Outdoor Retailer?

    To all the people who wonder if I actually have a job, this post is for you. A few weeks ago, I went to Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City. And ever since, I’ve gotten numerous questions about what I do, where I was, and why I was there. So here ya go: What is OR—OR stands for Outdoor Retailer. It’s one of the largest outdoor trade shows in the country held twice a year in Salt Lake City. Companies go and bring elaborate booths to display their products, and retail buyers and media wander around eyeballing said products. It’s like a week-long Christmas with new products, more free swag…

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    I Want to Gobble Everything—A Jersey Thanksgiving

    Well, our annual Jersey Thanksgiving food free-for-all has come and gone. And, as always, it was a great success. If you judge success by the amount of pounds gained and food coma naps taken, that is. The ride itself kicked things off. Then, moments after arriving in Jersey, we got back on the road and hit our favorite diner. At 2 a.m. Thanksgiving brought massive quantities of good food. Because our stomachs had already expanded, we turned Friday into the best day of the year—all-you-can-eat sushi day! And since a trip home isn’t complete without some real food, we indulged in cheesesteaks and pizza. Saturday brought Thanksgiving #2 with the Sylvan clan. The…