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    How to Survive Hotter ‘N Hell

    Ah, Hotter ‘N Hell. The race that chews runners up and spits them out in tiny, broken pieces. The race where you’d better have good arm strength, because it’s a long fall should you let go of the rope going down into Peavine Falls. In other words, everyone’s favorite race they love to hate. With a race accurately named Hotter ‘N Hell in Alabama at the end of July, you need a survival game plan. This was my third year racing, so I knew exactly what to expect. Don’t get tired and drop at the first loop like in 2013, and don’t fall and tear your ankle ligaments to shreds like…

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    Ridge 2 Ridge Race Recap

    I am ridiculously behind on race recaps, to the point where I kind of just want to let them go. But while I don’t know if anyone will read months-old posts, I’m too Type A to not publish them. Plus, I like to go back and relive the races and learn from them. And who knows—maybe someone else will too! So I’ll use the next few days to post about all my summer races, starting with Ridge 2 Ridge this past weekend. Off we go! I was excited for Ridge 2 Ridge because A) I haven’t run it before, B) Southeastern Trail Runs always rock, and C) it’s great training…

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    I Want to Run 100 Miles

    You read that right—no need to rub your eyes or check your glasses prescription. I want to run 100 miles. 100.Miles. Very soon, actually. At the Pinhoti 100 on November 7th. I know, I’ve said these exact words before (for those of you long-time followers with elephant-like memories). I paced my friend Greg at Pinhoti two years ago and essentially stepped off the trail that weekend and decided that I too would run 100 miles—one day. Well kids, one day has finally come. It’s my turn. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a positive bunch of crazies who think 100 miles is a perfectly reasonable distance to run. I adopted a strategy a few…

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    Help Me Run for Kids (For 12 Hours)!

    Well friends, I have decided to make my trail race comeback in the coolest way possible—next Saturday I’m doing the Run for Kids 12-hour Challenge and raising money for children with cancer to go to camp. Why is this race so special, you ask? David and Mary Jo Tosch of Southeastern Trail Series donate 100% of proceeds to Camp Smile-A-Mile—an organization that provides year-round camp services for kids with cancer, their families and siblings, and cancer survivors. Tosch started Run for Kids in 2011, basing it off the popular Ride of Love. Every year since then, Run for Kids has grown and donated more money—last year they raised over $8,000! Y’all. I…

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    Guest Post – My Big 100 Mile Adventure!

    What do you do when you’re not out running the trails? Celebrate the kickass accomplishments of others! My good buddy and fellow BUTS member Olivia just ran her first 100-miler at the Hallucination 100 in Michigan and rocked it. She trained for-frickin-ever for this race, logging countless hours and miles of blood and sweat. She told me the day before the race that her goal was to run all 100 miles with a smile on her face—and she did. Because Olivia doesn’t have a blog, I asked her to share her story on here. So without further ado, I present to you the newest BUTS buckle holder! My Big 100 Mile Adventure! My…

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    Working Out with The North Face and Dean Karnazes

    A few weeks ago I got my ass handed to me when The North Face Mountain Athletics training program came to town. The Mountain Athletics series was designed to help endurance athletes with their overall performance. You know, cross training. To make you stronger and faster. The very thing I always neglect to do. Since Dean Karnazes is a North Face athlete, he came along to stand around, look pretty, and talk about the importance of full-body workouts. I signed up for the running clinic thinking that we’d chat about ultrarunning and endurance and do sprints and whatnot. Instead, we combined classes with the peak bagging/mountain climbing group and did a series…