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    Anatomy of a DNF – Lake Martin 50 Race Recap

    Why am I so bad at race reports? Why don’t I just admit that they’re the worst to write and just abandon them? Because my Type A personality won’t let them go, dammit! So I’ll continue to be a slave to my blog. This Lake Martin 50 race report will be a stream-of-consciousness post, so roll with me here. My old race report is much more useful. Lake Martin 100/50/27 is a fantastic race. If you’ve considered running it but haven’t yet, do it! The course is a pleasant mix of rolling (read: hilly) single track and red clay jeep roads. It’s scenic and not technical and the perfect place to…

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    What to Pack for an Ultra Marathon

    The unofficial kickoff to trail running season is only a few days away in the Deep South. Birmingham has the Oak Mountain 50k, and Alabama’s first 100 of the year (and 50 and 27-mile “fun run”) will be at Lake Martin. So, basically, this weekend we will have ALL THE ULTRAS! With a new racing season come new ultra runners who are probably trying to soak up every ounce of advice they can. Or at least that’s how I was. After a few years of trial-and-error and “Oh shit, I forgot X” and “Ugh, why did I bring Y,” I feel like I have my ultra packing list pretty much set…

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    Georgia Jewel 50 Race Recap

    I did it! I finished the Georgia Jewel 50 feeling like a million bucks, which officially makes me a 50-mile ultra runner. This post will be long, because 50-mile races are long. If you’re too busy/important/ADD to read the entire post, here’s the Cliff Notes version: Finished in 13:48. Rained all day. Loved almost every moment. Felt great at the end. Ready for my 100. If you’re dying to hear more (you know you are), here we go! I was a mixture of nonchalant (just a supported long run, not a race) and freaking the fuck out (it’d still me my first official 50-miler) leading up to Jewel. My plan was to go…

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    Being OK with Being Good Enough

    Ok, so I said last week that I’d immediately post the lessons I learned from the Mississippi 50. That clearly didn’t happen. I still needed time to process all of my thoughts and emotions about the race. And then when I got them all down on paper, I lost it. The paper, not emotionally. I may or may not have blamed the hubs for throwing it away, only to find it exactly where I had left it—on the floor of his car. Clearly, writing your blog posts on scrap paper has its downsides. But I digress. Runners put their hearts and souls into races. All those early mornings and miles…

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    Mississippi 50(k) Race Recap

    Well, I survived 31 miles of the Mississippi 50! I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time sitting down long enough and focusing for more than 30 seconds to write this recap. Hell, I drafted half of it in my head while I was running the race! But people keep asking how it went (you guys care!), so I need to buckle down and just blurt it all out. So to appease my apparent ADD mind, this recap will be broken up into two parts—the actual recap and lessons learned. For those of you who are too busy (or don’t actually care) to read the entire recap, here it…

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    Final Thoughts Before the Mississippi 50

    Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I’m supposed to run my first 50-miler. Tomorrow night I should be the proud owner of a shiny belt buckle. Instead, I don’t know what will happen. My groin/hip is still fussing at me when I walk, and I haven’t run in two weeks. I have 12 hours on a soft, flat, easy surface, so my plan is to walk/run/crawl for as long as I can. I’m stubborn as hell and want to think positively, but I’m also realistic and bracing myself for a DNF. I’m pretty sure that no one else expects me to finish. And that’s ok, there will be other races. I…