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    100-Mile Mantras

    There’s no sugarcoating it—running 100 miles will suck at one point or another. Likely, over and over and over. That’s where mental toughness plays a huge role. Lots of people use inspirational mantras to get them through dark moments of races. Me, not so much. I’m less, “You can do it!” and more, “Suck it up, Buttercup!” But I do like to latch onto song lyrics or phrases when I’m feeling crappy and repeat them for hours at a time. Training for Pinhoti 100, I kept hearing from friends that the race will be mostly mental, and I should plan accordingly. So as with everything ultra-related, I polled the audience to find…

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    Food for an Ultra Runner

    Food. We eat it for fun. We eat it to socialize. We eat it to feel better. We eat it to survive. As athletes, we eat it for fuel. And if you know me even a teeny tiny bit, you know that I love food. Wait, that’s an understatement. I LOVE food! No, not quite. Is there a word stronger than “love”? I [insert that word] food. Naturally, food has played a huge role over the course of my 100-miler training for Pinhoti. I have adopted a hybrid diet of eating vegan, plant-based meals on weekdays and Sunday, a Russian roulette of meals on Friday nights to strengthen my stomach during long runs the…

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    Crusher Ridge 21k Race Recap

    Blah. Crusher Ridge 21k. Not my best day by far, though thankfully not because of anything physically wrong with me! Here’s the story: I can usually shake a bad mood quickly when running on trails. Especially on race day. Especially at Ruffner Mountain, where it requires every ounce of strength and mental energy to stay upright. But I had a dark cloud over my head the entire morning, a la Eeyore, and I couldn’t seem to run away from it. But the Crusher Ridge 42k/21k was an incredibly fun and hard race, and it deserves a proper peppy race report. So I’ll share both the good and the bad. The…

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    When Your Body Breaks Before a 100-Mile Race

    Over the past week, I developed a mysterious rash/virus that sucked all the energy out of me and made me miss my last week of critical training runs before the Pinhoti 100. Fuck. Sometime Tuesday I noticed that my calves had a bit of a rash—razor burn, I assumed. It hung around there for a few days, then slowly started to creep up my body until angry red spots were everywhere—in my ears and nose, on my palms and feet, all over my face. The rapid change from razor burn to Code Red Leopard was enough to get my ass to doctors 1-7 (it was a teaching clinic), who unanimously…

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    Georgia Jewel 50 Race Recap

    I did it! I finished the Georgia Jewel 50 feeling like a million bucks, which officially makes me a 50-mile ultra runner. This post will be long, because 50-mile races are long. If you’re too busy/important/ADD to read the entire post, here’s the Cliff Notes version: Finished in 13:48. Rained all day. Loved almost every moment. Felt great at the end. Ready for my 100. If you’re dying to hear more (you know you are), here we go! I was a mixture of nonchalant (just a supported long run, not a race) and freaking the fuck out (it’d still me my first official 50-miler) leading up to Jewel. My plan was to go…

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    How to Run a 12-Hour Race

    Ever since I got sucked into the crazy world of trail running, I always considered the Run 4 Kids Challenge The Race I Could Not Do. Running more than twice around a track makes me twitchy. Some days, running for more than half an hour makes me tired. This race just seemed impossible. But having not raced since last July, I knew I wanted my comeback to be good. And it doesn’t get much better than raising money for kids and running in a circle for 12 hours. So I signed up. And survived, loving every single second of it! If you’re like me and hesitant to step into the world…