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    2016 Shenanigans (So Far)

    Buenos dias, amigos! Remember that thing I sometimes do but haven’t mentioned in ages called trail running? Yeah—I still do that. A lot, actually. And I’m going to use this week to play catch-up on everything that’s happened in my running world over the past few months. Not because I think you care, but because I want to show this to my offspring and say, “Look how cool I was back in the day!” And they’ll roll their eyes and go, “We get it, The Mom,” as they fetch me my water because my legs are too tired to function. Yes, The Mom. Like The Dude. “Mom” is so…boring. I digress. February—Way…

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    Practicing Portion Control with Chobani Simply 100 Crunch

    Y’all. I have a (not so) serious problem. I love food. I am incapable of portion control. I clearly need to always be actively training to run stupid-long distances, because I always eat as if I am about to run 100 miles. This is fantastic when I’m actually training for ultras, because I properly fuel with enormous amounts of vegan and vegetarian goodies. And nachos. And coffee. However, while my body may take breaks between races, my appetite doesn’t. I cannot seem to stop myself from eating all the things, all the time.  You’d think that cooking with only veggies and grains, this wouldn’t be a huge problem. And you’d be correct. Except…

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    What to Pack for an Ultra Marathon

    The unofficial kickoff to trail running season is only a few days away in the Deep South. Birmingham has the Oak Mountain 50k, and Alabama’s first 100 of the year (and 50 and 27-mile “fun run”) will be at Lake Martin. So, basically, this weekend we will have ALL THE ULTRAS! With a new racing season come new ultra runners who are probably trying to soak up every ounce of advice they can. Or at least that’s how I was. After a few years of trial-and-error and “Oh shit, I forgot X” and “Ugh, why did I bring Y,” I feel like I have my ultra packing list pretty much set…

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    Torque it Out

    For some reason, the calendar is telling me it’s February, so I guess it’s time to update you on my quest to get swole at Gold’s. In between my trips and races in January, I’ve been fitting in some Torque (like Crossfit, but not) classes and getting a rude awakening to just how out-of-shape I am. You loyal blog readers are probably shaking your heads right now and saying, “But Tanya, you hate Crossfit! It goes against everything you stand for! Who are you?!” And you’re right! I hate Crossfit. But Toque has enough differences to allow me to forget its demonic origins and just embrace the suck. You do have a daily…

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    How to Smile for 100 Miles

    Looking at the Pinhoti 100 photos, I see that I am smiling in every single one. Every one. My dad even challenged the Internets to find a photo of me not smiling, and no one could. Since Pinhoti, I have gotten more “But did you really smile the entire time?” questions than I can count. And the answer is a wholehearted yes. I had such a fantastic time for all 28.5 hours that even the unrelenting rain could not wipe the smile off my face. If you want to know how you too can run 100 miles (or 26.2 miles, or 10 miles, or even 1 mile) skipping and cheering and grinning like…

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    Pinhoti 100 Race Recap

    After a slight delay, here it is—my Pinhoti 100 race recap. I honestly struggled to write this one, and not just because I’ve been flying high on painkillers from my wisdom teeth removal. How do you put one of the best days of your life into words? How do you string enough coherent thoughts together to make people understand even a tiny fraction of what you felt? I tried to write many times after the race, and all I came up with was “AHHHHHHHHHH!” For those of you short on time (or attention span), here’s the gist of it: 100 miles. 28.5 hours. 28k ft. elevation change. Rain. Mud. Cold.…