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    Confessions of a Dirty Runner

    Runners. We’re not the cleanest, prettiest, best-smelling flowers in the bunch. But we’re sure as hell the most fun! We all have strange quirks that our fellow runners understand and embrace, but would never fly in the real world. Since we’re all friends here, let’s share some of them. I’ll start: I sing out loud to my music when I run alone I get satisfaction when the shower water runs black with dirt and mud and blood I still wear sports bras I bought freshman year of college I have no shame picking up food I dropped on the ground at an aid station and eating it—dirt is good for you…

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    Death to Corpspeak

    Today I’m shaking things up and letting someone else take the reins of All In Stride. Meet my friend Will. Will and I went to grad school at Alabama together and instantly clicked. We could not be any more different on the outside, but slice open our brains (please don’t actually do that) and you’ll find we’re identical. You see, we’re that rare breed of human that will stay awake the entire night to perfect a paper, fly high on caffeine and bad jokes, then perform flawlessly in class. We’re unicorns. And if it sounds like I’m bragging, I sure as hell am! We earned that right! Our main difference…

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    2015 Birmingham Parade of Homes

    I had so much fun with the B-Metro blog team at the Alabama Auto Show last week that I decided to work with them again! Plus, it’s a lot more fun than painstakingly writing out my race recap from last weekend. This time, I’m working with the 2015 Birmingham Parade of Homes—which starts this weekend! Y’all. This is way better than Christmas. I love looking at houses. No joke, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. When I was younger, my parents would toss my sister and me into the car and drive around in search of cool or unique houses. As I got older, I upped my game and started sneaking into…

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    Twers on the Town and the Alabama Auto Show

    Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m. waiting for my baby birthday-stealer to arrive from Jersey, and I am pumped! I have an exciting and terrifying and exhausting and fun-filled weekend ahead—I’ll be doing the Run for Kids 12-Hour Challenge (my longest race ever!) (sponsor me here!) tomorrow, which is why my sister and her boyfriend drove all the way here. Which obviously means we need to see and do and eat and drink ALL THE THINGS while they’re in town! Natalie and I planned each meal down to the last detail weeks and weeks ago, because, food. This afternoon we’ll be playing at the Alabama Auto Show with B-Metro and the…

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    Things That Crack Me Up

    As my dad says, I am one sick puppy. I have a sense of humor that will make you cringe and question why we ever became friends. It’s dark, folks. Dark. But sometimes we need a good belly laugh. One that makes tears stream down your face, leaves you unable to breathe, and works your abs more than any core workout. A laugh without explanation or judgement. If you need a hump day pick-me-up (especially those of you in the rainy ‘Ham), step on into the crazy world of Tanya humor. But beware. Dead animals—I won’t explain it. No, I can’t explain it. Dead animals make me laugh. Particularly cats. Now…

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    Three Cheers for Thighs!

    It’s been a minute since I have gone on a thigh gap diatribe (Rant One and Rant Two). And I started to feel the itch to spew some skinny leg-hate. But then I was like, “Hold up homegirl, why don’t you share some thigh love instead?” So here we go. I feel like sooner rather than later, thigh gaps will phase out and full, muscular thighs will become a thing. Hell, Megan Trainor has it right! If we can be all about that bass, we can be all about the thighs too! Now let me be perfectly clear – I am NOT bashing anyone who has naturally thin thighs. This…