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    Welcome to Dirty Yellow Shorts

    Here it is, y’all! My new written baby. The place my words will reside. Dirty Yellow Shorts! Roll out that blog catwalk, because my shorts and I are ready to strut.our.stuff. And damn it feels good to be back blogging! To friends and loyal readers who have waited (im)patiently for my posts—thank you for sticking around. You get a gold star. To new friends—hello, I’m Tanya. I run a lot and eat a lot and curse a lot and will likely offend you a lot. #Sorrynotsorry. “So…what happened to All in Stride, TDawg?” Oh, I obliterated it. I’ve grown a lot over the past eight years that All in Stride…

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    Coup of the Clowns

    I’m putting a big fat disclaimer here before you step into my house of horrors—I do not condone the harassment of kids. If it were true, the story itself is sick and wrong. However… I love clowns. Well, one clown in particular. I also have the sickest sense of humor of anyone you’ll come across. So I’d be remiss if I let all the recent clown excitement pass with nary a comment. Clowns of the world, I’m cheering for you. For too long you have been feared and shunned and stereotyped and rejected and laughed at instead of laughed with. You try to bring joy into the world, and you’re met with hate.…

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    Don’t Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

    Since I share all weird aspects of my life with you all, I feel it’s only right for me to offer up the following PSA—Don’t remove your wisdom teeth. Don’t do it. I am dead serious. If your dentist says they need to come out, he’s lying and trying to kill you. If you insist on not heeding my warning, then at least do it when you’re young and there will be no severe consequences if you can’t function for weeks on end or don’t make it out alive. If you’re past the tender age of, say, 20 and still wish to rid your mouth of teeth, then don’t do it…

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    Weird Fashion Trends I Don’t Understand

    I know I’m not one to be “in the know” about the latest fashion trends. Hell, I still wear things from freshman year of college sometimes. However, I do know right from wrong, and these trends are just…no. And I know other women will agree with me here. Since I’m tapering for the Georgia Jewel 50 this Saturday and am particularly irritable, let’s have a bit of a bitch-fest about weird fashion trends: Armpit hair—Here’s a real head-scratcher. I get that “crunchy” is in. Reese Witherspoon didn’t shave in Wild, and neither do I when I’m backpacking. But not shaving as an everyday conscious decision? Mm nope. To me this screams…

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    The Time Alpha Phi Broke the Internet for Women

    If you haven’t seen the University of Alabama Alpha Phi’s recruitment video yet, drop everything and go watch it now. Is the video even real? No, really—please tell me it’s an SNL spoof or something. I try my best (I said try) to keep my opinions to myself about the Greek system, because I’m fully aware that I’d offend, oh, just about every one of my friends. But this is now getting national media attention, so I consider it fair game. Holy shit. It’s disgusting. It’s degrading. It’s nothing new, but still. It’s an embarrassment to the school, the state, the sorority, and the women. It’s not like this was something filmed with…

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    What Is a Diva Cup and Why You Need One

    Alright girls, grab a drink, gather round, and let’s talk Diva Cups. This is the time to ask every question you ever wanted to ask but were too nervous to ask. Don’t be shy, we’re all friends here. My friend and blogging idea-bouncer-offer Rachel told me to password protect this post with “vaginal discharge,” because what guy would actually want to type that in? But I figured that was too much effort on my part. After all, this post doesn’t faze me one bit. It’s you I’m worried about. Fellas, consider this your one and only warning. See the X in the top right corner of your screen? Click it now. Now. …now.…