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    What Is a Diva Cup and Why You Need One

    Alright girls, grab a drink, gather round, and let’s talk Diva Cups. This is the time to ask every question you ever wanted to ask but were too nervous to ask. Don’t be shy, we’re all friends here. My friend and blogging idea-bouncer-offer Rachel told me to password protect this post with “vaginal discharge,” because what guy would actually want to type that in? But I figured that was too much effort on my part. After all, this post doesn’t faze me one bit. It’s you I’m worried about. Fellas, consider this your one and only warning. See the X in the top right corner of your screen? Click it now. Now. …now.…

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    2015 Birmingham Parade of Homes

    I had so much fun with the B-Metro blog team at the Alabama Auto Show last week that I decided to work with them again! Plus, it’s a lot more fun than painstakingly writing out my race recap from last weekend. This time, I’m working with the 2015 Birmingham Parade of Homes—which starts this weekend! Y’all. This is way better than Christmas. I love looking at houses. No joke, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. When I was younger, my parents would toss my sister and me into the car and drive around in search of cool or unique houses. As I got older, I upped my game and started sneaking into…

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    Dear Santa

    Dear Santa, Season’s greetings from your #1 fan! I’ve been terrible mediocre an absolute angel this year, so I thought I’d drop a line to share with you some things I have my eye on: EMS Women’s Icarus down vest—A staple for all basic (look at me trying to be trendy) women. It can keep my oversized ribs warm and toasty while still showing off my guns, a la Daryl. Ala-Fuckin’-bama shirt—Opelika Trading Company doesn’t seem to have a website, Santa, but I need this shirt! Yoga mat—I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve become more bendy and meditative lately. I’m also an accident-prone girl who needs a mat that won’t…

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    Live From The Athleta Red Carpet

    Last Tuesday (yes I’m late—no Internet is peaceful in theory, annoying in real life) I had the pleasure of live broadcasting the grand opening of Athleta in Birmingham as part of the B Metro blog team. Chances are if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you saw my posts. Chances are greater that those who follow me on the social medias are no longer reading my blog. Or my friends. #Ikid #ornot Athleta’s party was hosted by B Metro Magazine—they helped generate hype for the grand opening, offered food and wine, and got Lisa, Abby, and me to help promote the event in real time. I had obviously heard of…

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    Come to the Athleta Open House Party!

    What are you doing tomorrow night from 6-8 p.m.? Joining me at the Athleta grand opening party at The Summit? Yea you are! B-Metro Magazine is hosting a free (Free, people! Come!) party with light hors d’oeuvres, wine, photo booth (#selfies!), and awesome giveaways from Pure Barre, Aero Joe, and IronTribe. B-Metro put together a blog team to live tweet/Facebook post/Instagram the event—so yours truly, along with my favorite trail lady Lisa from Yo Momma Runs and Abby from Vintage Inspired Passionista will be both partying it up and blowing up your social media feeds. Interested? Ready to come check out Athleta’s fashions and hang out with the cool kids?…

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    Learning to Love Lululemon

    I’ve always been loudly skeptical of Lululemon. I think the former CEO should be sentenced to a life of jorts and fanny packs, and I’ve had more than one misadventure trying to find one piece of clothing in the store that fit well. So when the Birmingham Lululemon store reached out to me and a fellow BUTS member, Sunny, to try their clothes on the trails, I jumped at the chance. One because, free clothes. But more importantly, I wanted to be proven wrong. I may be stubborn and opinionated as hell, but I’ll be the first to admit when I’ve misjudged something. Just prove it to me.  Unless you’re…