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    #VanLife, Here I Come!

    Y’all. I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. I leave this weekend to live in the Teton Sports #YourLead van for a spell. Two weeks of traveling with no makeup or showers, only wearing running clothes, and exploring all the places and meeting all the people? Yes please! Here are the down-and-dirty details. Who Heidi, a Teton Sports ambassador, fellow ultra runner, and all-around badass Teton Sports, the brains behind the #YourLead van trip Wilderness Press, the people behind my paycheck  Sportsman’s Warehouse, the outdoor retailer where we will be holding events  Gear Forward, an organization that collects gently used backpacks and outdoor gear for children in need What The #YourLead…

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    Practicing Portion Control with Chobani Simply 100 Crunch

    Y’all. I have a (not so) serious problem. I love food. I am incapable of portion control. I clearly need to always be actively training to run stupid-long distances, because I always eat as if I am about to run 100 miles. This is fantastic when I’m actually training for ultras, because I properly fuel with enormous amounts of vegan and vegetarian goodies. And nachos. And coffee. However, while my body may take breaks between races, my appetite doesn’t. I cannot seem to stop myself from eating all the things, all the time.  You’d think that cooking with only veggies and grains, this wouldn’t be a huge problem. And you’d be correct. Except…

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    Getting Fit As F*ck for 2016

    I’ve been taking my Pinhoti recovery seriously the past two months. Very seriously. I’ve been sleeping in, eating a lot, and barely running. Basically, I have become a professional sloth. Which is fine by me—I earned it, damn it! However, my clothes are getting tighter and I miss my running friends and sculpted thighs. So it’s time to get serious about training again. Plus, this is the week of Big Plans, and I have plenty of Big Plans for 2016. As I’ve said before, I know zero about the gym. But I’m a Jersey girl, and us Jersey folk are meant to GTL—I’m already tan, I do my laundry frequently, so all…

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    Holiday Gifts for a Trail Runner

    Do you have a trail runner in your life? Tired of giving them the standard shoes and clothing combination for the holidays? Deck their halls, jingle their bells, and make sure their next race is holly and jolly with these gifts: Butt Cream—Nothing kills the mood in the bedroom faster than a pair of gnarly feet. Give them a not-so-subtle hint about their foul piggies by sticking some butt cream (yes, butt cream for your feet) into their stocking. Who knows, when your runner finishes a race with baby-soft skin, you just may develop a new foot fetish. Baby wipes—Are you saying “I love you” or “Please carefully wipe your ass” with…

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    A Girl and Her Trucker Hats

    Hi, my name is Tanya and I am a trucker hat hoarder. Some girls hoard shoes. Others accumulate jewelry. I collect tomboy-esque head coverings. Like any out-of-control collection, it started innocently enough. I was given my first trucker hat to use and abuse on trails (because let’s face it—slick road running hats have no place in the woods). And it fit me like a glove. For my head. When that one got tired and smelly, I got another. And another. And another. They multiplied like bunnies. And so a borderline hat obsession was born. Now, not all trucker hats are created equal. They have to have the perfect storm of qualities to…

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    Lifting All the Things at Planet Fitness Crestline

    Ultra running training is probably 25% running, 25% cross training, and 50% mental. For this upcoming fall’s races, I have my running plan nailed down and I’m working on my mental toughness. Which only leaves the one thing I always fall short on—cross training. I’ll be honest—unless I have someone dragging me out the door, I am the first to skip cross training. Even my daily push up and plank routine is a struggle to maintain (working out is so hard sometimes!). So I was super excited to hear that Planet Fitness Crestline was opening up near me and that B-Metro wanted me to help promote their grand opening. For those of…