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    A Husky Only A Mommy Could Love

    Last Friday, we had to put our Husky, Sasha, to sleep. It was very sudden and unexpected, and I’ve spent the past week living in a numb shock. Mixed with bouts of ugly crying. I feel the urge to write about Sasha and share her stories—writing is how I process the world. But how can you sum up a decade of life with a Husky? Impossible. So I’m just going to blurt out some memories, slap on some photos, and hope it’s coherent. There aren’t any adjectives to properly describe Sasha. My go-to was always, “She’s just…Sasha.” And if you had ever spent even a few moments with her, you…

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    Lessons from Archie

    Last night, my family lost our beloved Archie. He was a goofy, gimpy, three-legged rescue Golden Retriever who meant the world to us. We found out five weeks ago that Archie had cancer. A tumor had burst in his spleen, and vets gave him only hours to live. Instead, in true Archie fashion, he rallied, his internal bleeding stopped, and he lived five more weeks full of life and love and treats and trips to the park and gourmet meals. When we first found out how sick he was, my sister asked if it was worth it to own a dog if this would be the end result. And it…

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    Why I Fell in Love with Yoga

    A few months ago when I rolled my ankle and Fat Foot couldn’t run, I started yoga classes. Like a lot of love stories, our relationship took time to grow. We started out wary of each other—yoga was calm, quiet, reserved. I was loud, energetic, full of anger. Slowly, we became friends and I looked forward to my weekly practices. And then one day, I missed a class. And rather than feeling indifference, I felt sad, empty. Somehow, without my knowledge, I had fallen hopelessly in love with yoga. February is both Heart Month and gushy Valentine’s Day, and last week my teacher and good friend Kelly said that our practices will…

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    One-Word Resolution

    Well, it’s a good thing my resolution isn’t to stop procrastinating! I sat down to review my goals from 2014 before coming up with new goals for 2015, when I realized that I hadn’t achieved a single one. Not one. Zero. But instead of beating myself up and getting mopey about it, I decided to see what went wrong and what I could do differently this year. What it really boiled down to was that I was at Point A, and I wanted to grow and get to Point B, every single time. And so I came up with the perfect goal for 2015—do better. How simple yet beautifully complex…

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    Why 100 Happy Days Makes Me Unhappy

    20 days ago I came across the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I had seen my friends posting about it on Facebook and Instagram; at face value, it seemed like a fun project to remind people that every day, no matter how shitty life may seem, you can still find something to be celebrated. I joined in and started posting pictures of things that made me happy that day. It didn’t take long for me to realize that posting these pictures wasn’t making me more happy; instead it seemed as if having to remember to post something that made me happy in effect made me less happy. It became more of…

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    Being OK with Being Good Enough

    Ok, so I said last week that I’d immediately post the lessons I learned from the Mississippi 50. That clearly didn’t happen. I still needed time to process all of my thoughts and emotions about the race. And then when I got them all down on paper, I lost it. The paper, not emotionally. I may or may not have blamed the hubs for throwing it away, only to find it exactly where I had left it—on the floor of his car. Clearly, writing your blog posts on scrap paper has its downsides. But I digress. Runners put their hearts and souls into races. All those early mornings and miles…