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    Practicing Portion Control with Chobani Simply 100 Crunch

    Y’all. I have a (not so) serious problem. I love food. I am incapable of portion control. I clearly need to always be actively training to run stupid-long distances, because I always eat as if I am about to run 100 miles. This is fantastic when I’m actually training for ultras, because I properly fuel with enormous amounts of vegan and vegetarian goodies. And nachos. And coffee. However, while my body may take breaks between races, my appetite doesn’t. I cannot seem to stop myself from eating all the things, all the time.  You’d think that cooking with only veggies and grains, this wouldn’t be a huge problem. And you’d be correct. Except…

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    The Search for Birmingham’s Best Coffee – Refill Edition

    Back by popular demand and fueled by my need for a caffeine fix, here’s the second edition of my search for Birmingham’s best coffee. Admittedly, in my first post I only reviewed coffee shops within my little downtown Birmingham bubble, excluding many deserving cup of joe joints. So this time I cast my net a bit further out of town. Feast & Forest—More cafe and bakery than coffee shop, my new backyard neighbor serves Octane coffee, so they kinda count. A former photography studio and art gallery, the interior is industrial and reminds me of my loft, so I felt right at home. Between the free refills and lack of crowds,…

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    The Search for Birmingham’s Best Coffee

    Alabama is finally starting to get a chill in the air (this week, at least), making it perfect sweata weatha. It’s also perfect weather to hibernate in local coffee shops clutching a caffeinated beverage. Luckily, Birmingham is chock-full of delicious coffee. I’m kind of a coffee snob. I worked at a coffee shop in Tuscaloosa during my college years, and by default got hooked on the liquid gold. Black-as-night, thick-as-mud is my preference. With no big race to train for at the moment, I decided to create my own Tour de Beans and decide once and for all which spot has Birmingham’s best coffee. Here’s what I found: Sattelite—The coffee…

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    The Search for Birmingham’s Best Nachos

    Nachos are a football Saturday staple. They’re cheesy and carb-y and great for sharing over beer while watching your favorite team beat the snot out of their opponent. That is, if you’re an Alabama fan. Or you can eat an entire serving of nachos alone. Because, YOLO. A few years ago when I started running longer distances, I adopted nachos as my fall football food mascot. I learned that there is nothing better than logging a long run and then going to watch the Crimson Tide while devouring ungodly amounts of tortilla chips and calories. This season, I took my fandom to a whole new level. 100-miler training meant that…

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    Food for an Ultra Runner

    Food. We eat it for fun. We eat it to socialize. We eat it to feel better. We eat it to survive. As athletes, we eat it for fuel. And if you know me even a teeny tiny bit, you know that I love food. Wait, that’s an understatement. I LOVE food! No, not quite. Is there a word stronger than “love”? I [insert that word] food. Naturally, food has played a huge role over the course of my 100-miler training for Pinhoti. I have adopted a hybrid diet of eating vegan, plant-based meals on weekdays and Sunday, a Russian roulette of meals on Friday nights to strengthen my stomach during long runs the…

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    Do Vegans Fart More? And Other Diet Questions

    Thanksgiving week! The perfect time to talk about plants (this post is sponsored by turkeys). I’ve been a convenient vegan for almost a year and a half now. Long enough for me to know that while I can never completely give up my overflowing plates of BBQ and mac & cheese, I do prefer eating a plant-based diet. I get asked questions all the time about why I eat primarily vegan. Most questions are thoughtful and genuine; others are downright hilarious. So once and for all, I thought it’d be fun to compile the best ones for folks to refer to. Here we go: But why? I’ve learned that the…