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    I Want to Gobble Everything—A Jersey Thanksgiving

    Well, our annual Jersey Thanksgiving food free-for-all has come and gone. And, as always, it was a great success. If you judge success by the amount of pounds gained and food coma naps taken, that is. The ride itself kicked things off. Then, moments after arriving in Jersey, we got back on the road and hit our favorite diner. At 2 a.m. Thanksgiving brought massive quantities of good food. Because our stomachs had already expanded, we turned Friday into the best day of the year—all-you-can-eat sushi day! And since a trip home isn’t complete without some real food, we indulged in cheesesteaks and pizza. Saturday brought Thanksgiving #2 with the Sylvan clan. The…

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    Off The Wagon—My Not-So-Vegan Thanksgiving

    Well, the hubs and I just returned from another #sylvanroadtrip adventure to Jersey for Thanksgiving. We spent a week visiting old haunts, spending time with family, and celebrating the holidays. And eating. Always eating. If you read my blog regularly, you’ve probably noticed by now that I’m a bit obsessed with food—especially while traveling. This time around, I had intentions to eat healthy and vegetarian for the most part (save for Turkey Day). You know, because my eating habits are a lifestyle change, not a diet. Blah blah blah. But going to the land of good food right after a 50K made for a ravenous Tanya who ate everything that…

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    Baby We Were Born To Run – NJ Marathon Race Recap

    Oh hey, remember the time I ran the New Jersey Marathon and completely forgot to write a race report? I guess that’s what happens when your brain is fried from a month of traveling. Here’s the abridged version—favorite race ever, beautiful course, incredible family and crowd support, no sleep, old shoes, hip pain, 12 minute PR, 4:01:XX finish. If your interest is piqued, read on friends. We left Birmingham on Friday afternoon, drove through the night, and got to my parents’ house in NJ Saturday morning. After a shower and 3 hour nap, Zack, my sister Natalie and I drove down the shore to the race expo. This being my…

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    How to Train for Your First Half Marathon (But Not Really)

    My little sis Natalie ran the Long Branch Half Marathon with Zack and me this past weekend. Her training was a bit unconventional, and since I am so proud and love her to pieces, I asked her to write a guest blog about her experience. So without further ado: This past January I teamed up with my big sister Tanya and brother-in-law Zack to take on my first big-time run, and registered for the Long Branch Half Marathon. As a born-and-raised Jersey girl, I couldn’t think of a better time and place to run my first race than at the start of summer, right along my Jersey shore. My only…

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    Weekend In Jersey—A Trail of Food

    This past weekend Zack and I were in the Northeast for 4 days, traveled 2,831 miles, and pulled 3 all-nighters. If you blinked, you probably missed us. In that time we went down the shore, ran a marathon, shot a wedding, visited Pittsburgh, celebrated my sister’s graduation, and ate. And ate. And ate. My head is still spinning from it all, so rather than recap every detail, I’ll let my meals do the talking: Sidenote—I know these meals contradict everything I have written about food in this blog. Nothing I ate was clean, organic, or healthy—save for my mom’s Paleo cooking. But a girl’s gotta splurge sometimes, right?!

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    Running “On The Run”

    Starting today, the Sylvans will be nonstop the entire month of May. We’re on our way now to a jam-packed few days in Jersey, come home for a week, then take off again for some fun in California. Which leaves little time for maintaining serious mileage. Running in NJ will be easy since I have the NJ Marathon on Sunday. The trick after that will be to somehow find time for a recovery run and stretch in between shooting a wedding on Monday, hanging with the fam on Tuesday, and driving home on Wednesday. Our Cali trip will be fun because I’ll have my family to run with and the…