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    Torque it Out

    For some reason, the calendar is telling me it’s February, so I guess it’s time to update you on my quest to get swole at Gold’s. In between my trips and races in January, I’ve been fitting in some Torque (like Crossfit, but not) classes and getting a rude awakening to just how out-of-shape I am. You loyal blog readers are probably shaking your heads right now and saying, “But Tanya, you hate Crossfit! It goes against everything you stand for! Who are you?!” And you’re right! I hate Crossfit. But Toque has enough differences to allow me to forget its demonic origins and just embrace the suck. You do have a daily…

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    Getting Fit As F*ck for 2016

    I’ve been taking my Pinhoti recovery seriously the past two months. Very seriously. I’ve been sleeping in, eating a lot, and barely running. Basically, I have become a professional sloth. Which is fine by me—I earned it, damn it! However, my clothes are getting tighter and I miss my running friends and sculpted thighs. So it’s time to get serious about training again. Plus, this is the week of Big Plans, and I have plenty of Big Plans for 2016. As I’ve said before, I know zero about the gym. But I’m a Jersey girl, and us Jersey folk are meant to GTL—I’m already tan, I do my laundry frequently, so all…

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    Why Runners Should Try Jiu Jitsu

    Say what? Jiu-who? I know, I was the same way a few months ago. Back in the fall, I took to my blog to whine about my various injuries, disappearing fitness level, and overall frustration. Enter Kate, Birmingham Track Club Volunteer Chair and her boyfriend Mario Santana. They both read my blog, and Kate suggested that I try some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes with Mario to burn off some steam and get back into shape. I had never considered martial arts as a form of cross training. I knew that it was a good workout, but I had never seen myself as a “karate kid” type. Me, the world’s most…

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    TRX – The Christian Grey of Workouts

    The other day I wrote a sappy love letter to my new boo, yoga. And I meant every word. Yoga is the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, the calm in my fast-paced life. But as we all know, sometimes we crave something different. Something harder. Something that makes your muscles shake and you cry out in pain. Something that leaves you breathless, but satisfied. Enter TRX. The bad boy of the workout circuit. The hour of straps and squats and hip hinges. Keep your butt tight and pelvis lifted, because TRX isn’t forgiving of poor form. These classes aren’t going to cuddle you and whisper sweet nothings in…

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    Why I Fell in Love with Yoga

    A few months ago when I rolled my ankle and Fat Foot couldn’t run, I started yoga classes. Like a lot of love stories, our relationship took time to grow. We started out wary of each other—yoga was calm, quiet, reserved. I was loud, energetic, full of anger. Slowly, we became friends and I looked forward to my weekly practices. And then one day, I missed a class. And rather than feeling indifference, I felt sad, empty. Somehow, without my knowledge, I had fallen hopelessly in love with yoga. February is both Heart Month and gushy Valentine’s Day, and last week my teacher and good friend Kelly said that our practices will…

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    Crossfit for Babies? Stop That.

    All In Stride has been tame for a while. Rantless. Let’s change that. If you know me, you know it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Crossfit. It’s a cult-in-a-box wrapped in an expensive bow. And that’s putting it mildly. I don’t doubt that it gets you in great shape—muscles don’t lie. Any workout is better than festering away on the couch. And I’m sure the Paleoheads think ultra running is dumb. And I’d tell them they were right, while running circles around them. Because, endurance bitches. To each his own. Unless you’re forcing it on your children. Your babies. I came across this article in the New York Times about preschool…