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    The Search for Birmingham’s Best Coffee – Refill Edition

    Back by popular demand and fueled by my need for a caffeine fix, here’s the second edition of my search for Birmingham’s best coffee. Admittedly, in my first post I only reviewed coffee shops within my little downtown Birmingham bubble, excluding many deserving cup of joe joints. So this time I cast my net a bit further out of town. Feast & Forest—More cafe and bakery than coffee shop, my new backyard neighbor serves Octane coffee, so they kinda count. A former photography studio and art gallery, the interior is industrial and reminds me of my loft, so I felt right at home. Between the free refills and lack of crowds,…

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    LandRover – Your Ultimate Adventuremobile

    If you follow me on the social medias and were wondering last week if I had upgraded Pokey the Prius, have no fear, she’s still here. I joined B-Metro Magazine and Angie from Birmingham Mommy for a fun-filled night at Jaguar LandRover Birmingham’s Grand Open House. The trend right now is to Craiglist-yourself an old VW bus or Sprinter van, resurrect it, and customize it for the sport of your choice. While DIY-ing an adventuremobile is all well and good, we all know that it’s just pulling lipstick on a pig – the vehicle will still be old and will forever hemorrhage you money. So why not invest up front…

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    The Search for Birmingham’s Best Coffee

    Alabama is finally starting to get a chill in the air (this week, at least), making it perfect sweata weatha. It’s also perfect weather to hibernate in local coffee shops clutching a caffeinated beverage. Luckily, Birmingham is chock-full of delicious coffee. I’m kind of a coffee snob. I worked at a coffee shop in Tuscaloosa during my college years, and by default got hooked on the liquid gold. Black-as-night, thick-as-mud is my preference. With no big race to train for at the moment, I decided to create my own Tour de Beans and decide once and for all which spot has Birmingham’s best coffee. Here’s what I found: Sattelite—The coffee…

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    Lifting All the Things at Planet Fitness Crestline

    Ultra running training is probably 25% running, 25% cross training, and 50% mental. For this upcoming fall’s races, I have my running plan nailed down and I’m working on my mental toughness. Which only leaves the one thing I always fall short on—cross training. I’ll be honest—unless I have someone dragging me out the door, I am the first to skip cross training. Even my daily push up and plank routine is a struggle to maintain (working out is so hard sometimes!). So I was super excited to hear that Planet Fitness Crestline was opening up near me and that B-Metro wanted me to help promote their grand opening. For those of…

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    Suburbia Gets Lofty – 2015 Parade of Homes

    Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned working with B Metro Magazine for the 2015 Parade of Homes? Well, I came, I paraded, and I fell in love. I headed to the Parade of Homes (organized by the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders) excited to immerse myself back in suburbia. And I did, kind of. After seeing a few of the homes, I noticed something interesting. I felt very comfortable, very stylish. Very…at home. These brand new, stunning houses shared a lot of similarities with my 1920s converted warehouse loft. Gone were the white picket fences, the formal dining rooms, the identical bedrooms with 2.4 kids and a Golden Retriever…

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    2015 Birmingham Parade of Homes

    I had so much fun with the B-Metro blog team at the Alabama Auto Show last week that I decided to work with them again! Plus, it’s a lot more fun than painstakingly writing out my race recap from last weekend. This time, I’m working with the 2015 Birmingham Parade of Homes—which starts this weekend! Y’all. This is way better than Christmas. I love looking at houses. No joke, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. When I was younger, my parents would toss my sister and me into the car and drive around in search of cool or unique houses. As I got older, I upped my game and started sneaking into…