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Should I Break Up with my Blog Journal?

I had a scary blogging crisis—I didn’t want to write my post into my journal.

“Um. Your point is?” you ask? Really. Hear me out.

I was midway through copying an already-published post into my journal when the thought hit me that this is fucking insane. Why am I rewriting something that already exists online and will never be looked at again in written form?

blogging, handwritten blog, blog journal
Unfinished business, laziness, or moving on?

I used to write posts out for editing purposes. I’d write them on scrap paper, edit and recopy them into my journal, and then type them out for my blog. But lately, I’ve been skipping the journal step and going straight from scrap to hitting “publish.” The result though is that now I’m missing posts in my journal, and it’s stressing me out! Dumb, right?

Is it that I never connected to this journal like I did with my red one from last year? It’ll sound absurd to those who don’t understand, but those who “get it” will nod in agreement. A writer needs the right tools to feel good about her work. A sharpened pencil, a fresh sheet of paper, a charged laptop in a cozy coffee shop, a typewriter (I kind of really want one).

My 2014 journal is just…meh. She’s a bit too tall, her pages are too thin and white, and I haven’t been in a sparkly mood the entire year. To put it another way, I hate her. Good riddance!

blogging, handwritten blog, blog journal
This page has a stain, and therefore is ruined and useless

Or am I just growing more confident as a writer?  Do I no longer need the security blanket of telling my journal about my post before it gets published? Am I more comfortable with what I have to say?

In the grand scheme of things, this “crisis” is nothing. A thought I’m likely wasting way too much time on. But I’ve always found peace in the physical act of writing, so this is throwing me for a loop. Sigh.

blogging, handwritten blog, blog journal
Hell-o new 2015 journal contenders



  • Al DiMicco

    It seems like you really are overkilling your blog thoughts. For many years, I wrote a personal running journal that was
    more like a diary, but after about 20 or so years and when I began blogging, the written word succumbed to the electronic word. The written word is so much more personal. Not sure about your duplication of the blog, but I think the journal needs to live on with your personal thoughts of maybe a reflection of the blog’s theme. Whatever… It’s All in Stride, right? Just keep writing.

  • Yo Momma Runs

    Have you seen the programs that will print your blog into a book? I did it with our family blog a couple of years ago, and it is awesome! If you want them bound with less headache, do it! But if you just want to write with a pen, which has advantages!!, then not so much.

  • Mandy Shunnarah

    No, I totally get it! Journals are such a personal thing… If you don’t love it, you can’t write well in it. I’m a big fan of abandoning journals in favor of other ones. You own the journal; it doesn’t own you. I say do what you need to do. And your 2015 journals look great!

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