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My Blog Landed Me a Job

Warning—be careful what you write. You never know who’s lurking.

Now, I don’t mean in a “censor thyself” sort of way—that’d be doing a disservice to yourself and your readers. I mean to unapologetically share yourself with the world—focus on your topic of choice, and then go balls-to-the-wall with passion and enthusiasm. And, if you’re like me, colorful language. Then, edit the shit out of your posts for spelling and grammar, just in case someone is reading and thinking, “Hey now, I’d hire her.”

"You want me to do what? And why?" Always good to make your new team feel uncomfortable in your first week.
Oh, hey Trav. It’s always good to make your new coworkers feel uncomfortable in your first week.

Why the Tanya life lesson, you ask? A few short weeks ago, this guy used the contact form on my blog (It works?! Would you look at that!) to say that he had been reading for some time and was a blogger himself who happened to work for a book publishing company that happens to publish primarily outdoor guides and happened to be looking to hire a content marketing person or freelancer. Did I want coffee? Uh, yes.

You mean, I have a fan club?!
Let’s be honest. He had me at books. Or maybe hiking. Or maybe coffee.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was bidding farewell to the insurance industry and skipping merrily down a dirt trail into the world of outdoor publications. Y’all. Marketing. For outdoor publications. Talking about mountains and woods and waterfalls all.the.time. Pinch me.

One day my graffiti-ed dirt trail will be a paved walking path
One day my graffiti-ed dirt trail will be a paved walking path
Camping Guides
This. All of this.

Putting your real self out there is risky. People are judgmental by nature, and will pick apart your every word. My first reaction when I realized I was being prospected for a job was, “Well shit, they know all about my body and my life.” But I do that on purpose. If someone doesn’t like my writing style or content, they don’t have to read. If I’m not a good fit for a company, they won’t reach out to me. Zero fucks, right?

We publish this. I think we're going to get along great.
We publish this. I think we’re going to get along great.

So the moral of the story kids is to let your passion come through in your writing. And maybe, some day, you’ll land your dream job despite your future employer knowing all about your inner crazy. Or maybe because of it.

Bonus – the lofty loft is right on the other side of this bridge. Hello, walking commute!


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