Becoming a Resolute Runner

Ladies and gentlemen, shit’s about to get real for Tanya the runner. Yesterday I took a big step and joined the Resolute Running Training Center, which means that I’ll be getting coached for the first time ever. No more skipping workouts because the bed is more comfortable than the pavement, or because I want dinner now, not in two hours. Eek!

I’ll also be a Trail Run Leader for a new trail running program held by Resolute Running and Alabama Outdoors, but more on that another day.

This will be a new adventure for me that requires a completely different mindset. I know some may disagree, but I still struggle to call myself a “serious runner.” I make my own schedules and follow them loosely. I run when I feel like it, at whatever pace feels good, for however many miles I feel like going. It doesn’t take much to convince me to take a rest day, and I’m not heartbroken when I don’t hit a goal. I’m chill.

But I know that being coached is the next obvious step in my running “career,” if you will. You can’t show up for a marathon or ultra without consistent training and expect to improve—you need to work your ass off for it. If I want to become a stronger, faster ultrarunner, I need to be proactive and do something about it. With an upcoming fall full of races and my first 50, I figured this was a perfect time to join the Resolute Running Team.

Resolute Running Training Center, Birmingham, running coach, speedwork
All over the map with my recent training

When I started to fill out the questionnaire, I noticed my palms were sweating more and more. And what was that feeling in the pit of my stomach? Fear? Putting all of my recent training down on paper made me realize just how much room I have to grow. Perfect student right here, Alex!

Ok, I got all of my worries out of my system. Thanks for lending an ear. All nervousness aside, I’m thrilled to be a part of the Resolute Running team! A lot of my friends train there, and I’ve enviously watched them one by one smash their PRs. And I took a few classes at RR last month and loved it, so I’m excited to do more. Plus, seeing that I haven’t raced a 5K or 10K since 2010 reignited my competitive nature—I’ve been so focused on long races the past few years that I haven’t taken the time to go balls-out at a short race.

Resolute Running Training Center, Birmingham, running coach, speedwork
I clearly have some big goals – Run race. Finish race.

And the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is speedwork! I always say that I can’t figure out how to do a real speedwork session, so now I’ll learn. I’m sure I’ll curse this excitement with what little breath I have after that first day, but for now I’m super excited.

So, as always, you will all come along for the ride with me as I transition from running in the Wild Wild West to becoming a kickass speed demon ultra superstar!


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