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    Mercedes (Ultra) Marathon Race Recap

    I have been struggling to write a recap for the Mercedes Marathon, because this race was unlike any other I have run. When people have asked how it went, I’ve just stared blankly and said, “Uh, interesting?” What I’m going to do is divide my experience into two posts to make this easier on us all—The Race and The Incident. Today, you can read about how I turned Mercedes into a 30-mile training run. Tomorrow, if you make it through my disclaimers, you can read about The Incident. Darnell and I signed up for the Mercedes Marathon with the intention of using it as a very long training run to…

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    LandRover – Your Ultimate Adventuremobile

    If you follow me on the social medias and were wondering last week if I had upgraded Pokey the Prius, have no fear, she’s still here. I joined B-Metro Magazine and Angie from Birmingham Mommy for a fun-filled night at Jaguar LandRover Birmingham’s Grand Open House. The trend right now is to Craiglist-yourself an old VW bus or Sprinter van, resurrect it, and customize it for the sport of your choice. While DIY-ing an adventuremobile is all well and good, we all know that it’s just pulling lipstick on a pig – the vehicle will still be old and will forever hemorrhage you money. So why not invest up front…

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    Torque it Out

    For some reason, the calendar is telling me it’s February, so I guess it’s time to update you on my quest to get swole at Gold’s. In between my trips and races in January, I’ve been fitting in some Torque (like Crossfit, but not) classes and getting a rude awakening to just how out-of-shape I am. You loyal blog readers are probably shaking your heads right now and saying, “But Tanya, you hate Crossfit! It goes against everything you stand for! Who are you?!” And you’re right! I hate Crossfit. But Toque has enough differences to allow me to forget its demonic origins and just embrace the suck. You do have a daily…

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    Adele is a Stalker

    I’ve never been one to follow trends. I zig when everyone else zags. I wear white pants whenever I feel like it. I march to the beat of my own drum. I do not follow along with the latest trends or celebrity gossip. And I do not like Adele. Frankly, she scares me. While the rest of the world was bawling over “Hello,” I was sitting in my car scratching my head in confusion. This song isn’t romantic or sad—it’s creepy. When I mentioned this unpopular opinion to my friend Rachel, she immediately responded with, “well, Adele is a stalker.” And with those words, I realized why Adele has always…

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    Mountain Mist 50K Race Recap

    Mountain Mist 50k—my first ultra of 2016 is in the bag! And boy, was it one hell of a race! The weekend turned out to be epic, and that’s no exaggeration. Northern Alabama got the sloppy seconds of Winter Storm Jonas, dumping a whopping inch an a half of ice and snow all over our parade. Which is laughable for the majority of the U.S., but brings Alabama to a grinding halt. The roads became an ice rink, forcing the city to postpone the race a day. This is where I have to pause my upcoming rambles and give a huge thanks to Dink, the race director, and all the volunteers who fought…

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    An Outsider’s Perspective of Outdoor Retailer

    I have been to four Outdoor Retailer shows over the past two years, which means I have peppered you with multiple blog posts (read this and this if you’ve missed out) and have inundated you with enough photos to make you question if I actually have a job. I assume you all secretly hate me by now. This past OR, however, was different. This time was special because I got to share my adventures with my sister, Natalie, and friend, Olivia. They are both the type of people who say, “I want to do (insert adventure here)!” and actually follow through with the plan. I can’t say enough about how…