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    Welcome to Dirty Yellow Shorts

    Here it is, y’all! My new written baby. The place my words will reside. Dirty Yellow Shorts! Roll out that blog catwalk, because my shorts and I are ready to strut.our.stuff. And damn it feels good to be back blogging! To friends and loyal readers who have waited (im)patiently for my posts—thank you for sticking around. You get a gold star. To new friends—hello, I’m Tanya. I run a lot and eat a lot and curse a lot and will likely offend you a lot. #Sorrynotsorry. “So…what happened to All in Stride, TDawg?” Oh, I obliterated it. I’ve grown a lot over the past eight years that All in Stride…

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    Coup of the Clowns

    I’m putting a big fat disclaimer here before you step into my house of horrors—I do not condone the harassment of kids. If it were true, the story itself is sick and wrong. However… I love clowns. Well, one clown in particular. I also have the sickest sense of humor of anyone you’ll come across. So I’d be remiss if I let all the recent clown excitement pass with nary a comment. Clowns of the world, I’m cheering for you. For too long you have been feared and shunned and stereotyped and rejected and laughed at instead of laughed with. You try to bring joy into the world, and you’re met with hate.…

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    #VanLife, Here I Come!

    Y’all. I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. I leave this weekend to live in the Teton Sports #YourLead van for a spell. Two weeks of traveling with no makeup or showers, only wearing running clothes, and exploring all the places and meeting all the people? Yes please! Here are the down-and-dirty details. Who Heidi, a Teton Sports ambassador, fellow ultra runner, and all-around badass Teton Sports, the brains behind the #YourLead van trip Wilderness Press, the people behind my paycheck  Sportsman’s Warehouse, the outdoor retailer where we will be holding events  Gear Forward, an organization that collects gently used backpacks and outdoor gear for children in need What The #YourLead…

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    Anatomy of a DNF – Lake Martin 50 Race Recap

    Why am I so bad at race reports? Why don’t I just admit that they’re the worst to write and just abandon them? Because my Type A personality won’t let them go, dammit! So I’ll continue to be a slave to my blog. This Lake Martin 50 race report will be a stream-of-consciousness post, so roll with me here. My old race report is much more useful. Lake Martin 100/50/27 is a fantastic race. If you’ve considered running it but haven’t yet, do it! The course is a pleasant mix of rolling (read: hilly) single track and red clay jeep roads. It’s scenic and not technical and the perfect place to…

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    2016 Shenanigans (So Far)

    Buenos dias, amigos! Remember that thing I sometimes do but haven’t mentioned in ages called trail running? Yeah—I still do that. A lot, actually. And I’m going to use this week to play catch-up on everything that’s happened in my running world over the past few months. Not because I think you care, but because I want to show this to my offspring and say, “Look how cool I was back in the day!” And they’ll roll their eyes and go, “We get it, The Mom,” as they fetch me my water because my legs are too tired to function. Yes, The Mom. Like The Dude. “Mom” is so…boring. I digress. February—Way…

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    5 Things I’m Currently Hating On

    Until yesterday’s post about Sasha, I haven’t blogged in a minute for no other reason than good, old-fashioned laziness. The words float around my head but never land—they’re essentially a flock of annoying horseflies. Like the song Sail by Awolnation says, “Blame it on the ADD.” But what better way to come out of a writing funk and sad mood than with a senseless Tanya Rant? You’ve all missed those, right? Right. And we all need a pissy party every now and then. Here goes. Alpha Delta Pi Racist Shirt—This happened in Birmingham last week. And then this week,  they announced this. So let’s dissect this from the beginning—can someone please explain to me…