Dirty Yellow Shorts, Tanya Twerdowsky, Cascade Crest 100


Hello, I’m Tanya. Pronounced Tanya. Not Tan-ya. Not Ton-ya. Tanya. Please don’t mess that up. Though if we’re splitting hairs here, my real name is Tatiana.

I am that ultra running blogger with the trucker hat and braids who is crass and opinionated and more-than-slightly disturbing, but also goofy and informative and smiley.

Dirty Yellow Shorts, Tanya Twerdowsky, Blood Mountain
Typical Tanya – sweaty and smiling

Don’t let my hybrid Southern accent and charm (snort) mislead you—I’m originally from Princeton, New Jersey and wear my Jersey girl attitude and smarts like a fucking badge of honor! But I will eat the hell out of your okra and grits, please and thank you and bless your heart, ma’am.

Dirty Yellow Shorts, Tanya Twerdowsky, Blood Mountain
I’ll also drink champagne on summits of mountains

Running is the only New Year’s resolution I have kept—I started with a 5k, flirted with distance running, then fell head-over-heels down the rabbit hole of magical ultra running. I now crave that primal emotion that materializes at mile 99.5 when the finish line is in sight and you are dirty and tired and hurting and happy and so damn proud of yourself that you could cry if you had any sodium left in your body.

Dirty Yellow Shorts, Tanya Twerdowsky, Cascade Crest 100
If you can’t jump at the end of 100 miles, you did it wrong

The name Dirty Yellow Shorts has some meaning behind it, of course! And it is not that kind of dirty, you perv. Wrong site. Go away. I ran a race once and got my yellow shorts dirty. Rather than boohoo and fall off the face of the Earth in embarrassment, I blogged about it. Like the badass bitch I am.

Mercedes Marathon, Mercedes-Benz Marathon Weekend, urban trails, ultra road running, Mercedes race recap, running with your period, getting your period while running, diva cup
The infamous yellow shorts crisis of 2016

Life is messy and imperfect and awkward and embarrassing and incredible. You may go out there and make a damn fool of yourself. You can either hang your head and be ashamed, or you can laugh and own being weird as fuck.

Dirty Yellow Shorts, Tanya Twerdowsky, Mount Timp, Salt Lake City
I eat mountains for breakfast

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Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham, trail running, 50k training, ultra running
Skipping rocks on one of my first trail runs


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