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Latest Thoughts

My most recent jumble of words, pulled together with an attempt of creating something you're stoked to read. Or not.

Anatomy of a DNF – Lake Martin 50 Race Recap

Why am I so bad at race reports? Why don’t I just admit that they’re the worst to write and just abandon them? Because my Type A personality won’t let them go, dammit! So I’ll continue to be a slave to my blog. This Lake Martin 50 race report will be a stream-of-consciousness post, so roll with me here. My old race report is much more useful. Lake Martin 100/50/27 is a fantastic race. If you’ve considered running it but haven’t yet, do it! The course is a pleasant mix of rolling (read: hilly) single track and red clay jeep roads. It’s scenic and not technical and the perfect place to run your first ultra. Chris can attest to that. Plus, it’s a Southeastern Trail Runs race by David and Mary Jo Tosch, so you automatically know it’ll be well-run. Good. Now that I’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let’s… Readmore

The Exodus from the Road to the Trails

I’ve noticed a recent phenomenon that I feel compelled to address, because it’s a topic near and dear to my heart. And because I have an opinion about everything. But it may sound like I’m being an elitist bitch (if the running shoe fits…), so I brought my Colorado-based ultra running superstar runabler, Heidi, into the fray for a slightly different perspective. Warning: we’re both talkers – snag some coffee before settling in! There appears to be a mass exodus from the roads to the trails. More importantly, there seems to be a significant increase in the number of runners wanting to do ultra marathons. Which is great! There is always room for one more in the woods (if not, we kill them and leave them for the coyotes) [#truth], and I’m so glad that runners are expanding their goals and wanting to run previously-unfathomable distances. And, how can we blame you.… Readmore

Mountain Mist 50K Race Recap

Mountain Mist 50k—my first ultra of 2016 is in the bag! And boy, was it one hell of a race! The weekend turned out to be epic, and that’s no exaggeration. Northern Alabama got the sloppy seconds of Winter Storm Jonas, dumping a whopping inch an a half of ice and snow all over our parade. Which is laughable for the majority of the U.S., but brings Alabama to a grinding halt. The roads became an ice rink, forcing the city to postpone the race a day. This is where I have to pause my upcoming rambles and give a huge thanks to Dink, the race director, and all the volunteers who fought to keep the race from being cancelled and braved the impassable roads and cold to aid the runners. That is a first-class race, folks. Run this race next year and show your support! I had heard that Mountain Mist was… Readmore

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